Extremadura 112

In an emergency, every second counts and a minute can save a life.

Our global emergency management solution supports the autonomous community of Extremadura in delivering an emergency response network improving coordination in a multi-agency PSAP.

In the Mérida ‘Centro de Atención de Urgencias y Emergencias’ (emergency response center) in Spain, the public safety answering point (PSAP) is staffed by operators and staff from most of the public safety agencies in the independent Extremadura community. Specialized emergency medical services (EMS), doctors and nurses, firefighters for urban fires and wildfire, Guardia Civil, and national and local police are set up in concentric circles to visually maximize collaboration. A single, multi-agency dispatching system makes it possible to share information as required by the mission. It is based on the GEMMA platform by Atos, which has provided implementation, maintenance and evolution since 2000.

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112 Extremadura multi-agency PSAP

112 Extremadura is a pioneering model showing how much multi-agency collaboration can enhance coordination between PSAP and first responders in the field.


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Terrorism, natural or industrial disasters and pandemics are putting more pressure than ever on public authorities and emergency services who can not afford to ignore the three pillars: resilience, coordination and responsiveness.


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With our innovative solutions, including NG112 systems, powerful Edge Computing, smart sensors, CCTV and artificial intelligence, we ensure the safety of millions citizens around the world, whether it is a city, a region or a state.

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