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Industry: Local Government and cities
Region: France

City of Auch

The city of Auch needed some value-added data to reduce the heat in the city, which is a major issue in Southern France.

Once Auch called us for help, we decided to build a tailored turnkey solution to monitor the places where heat issues are the most important, and the places where vegetation concentration is low. Why?
In order to decarbonize, lower the heat, and finally contribute to a better way of life for the citizens.

The challenge

Most of the territories must deal with some duties required by higher organizations (Government, NGOs), whether they give contributions to the territory if they hold an eco-responsible policy or sanction financially the territories that don’t.

No matter how the government/NGO enhance these policies, the territories have an economical interest to cope with some of their environmental local issues in order to draw some income.

Although Auch City was already monitoring its growth, overheat, and revegetation policy, they had to put a lot of resources on it while we could offer a solution to avoid costs and do an easier and optimal monitoring.

The solution

The monitoring of the hot spots and vegetation in the whole city with one unique applicative solution.

Atos sell a turnkey solution (application as a service or integration in customer information system) that helps decision takers to hold a green policy and to monitor it for years.

The solution is a complete SaaS solution accessible with a simple browser on any device and/or standardized thematic data flows consumed directly online by the customer information system. In both cases the core solution is the same.

Business benefit

The municipality of Auch has access to a structural tool to help itself to priorities trees’ replantation with the best ratio cost/efficiency in decreasing temperatures.

The main objective was politic, to demonstrate the public action of the municipality to improve the situation on the places where the temperature is hard to bear in the summer and where air conditioning is on the increasing’s with a high visual impact and high energy consumption.

With this invest in a specific tool and real actions to decrease the temperature, the municipality is compliant with one of the Paris Agreement’s obligations.

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