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Maximizing efficiency and flexibility through optimized private cloud services

“The project for enhancing our Unified Data Center platform was a tremendous success! It was much fun to have this professional and efficient working team with us to migrate into the new technical environment. At Axel Springer, we felt we were in good hands at all times and were able to make use of our new services in time.

Lars Kotte
Director of Customer Service and Integration

As Europe’s leading digital publisher, Axel Springer’s business depends on digital and agility.

Having evolved rapidly from a traditional publisher, Axel Springer is a digitally innovative business operating in a dynamic industry. The media and technology company must implement cross-media distribution strategies and market journalistic content while developing new digital services for its customers. An extremely fast and focused go-to-market approach for new business models is essential, together with stable operations for all existing applications. And that requires smart, modern, scalable and cost-efficient IT.

In 2014, the company chose Atos to deliver its Unified Data Center platform, leveraging best-in-class cloud technology and contract flexibility for up- and downscaling without CapEx to deliver maximum value for all its business units. By 2020, the technology landscape had changed and when it came time to renew the contract, Axel Springer saw an opportunity to build on its success while further optimizing and modernizing the service.

The challenge

Axel Springer wanted to evolve a multi-cloud strategy and infrastructure, while simplifying and modernizing delivery models.

Based on its close collaborative partnership with Atos, together with Atos’s firm commitment to quality and customer-oriented approach, Axel Springer renewed its contract with Atos to deliver the Unified Data Center 2.0 platform. The challenge was to:

  • Deliver state-of-the-art IT for optimum agility and time to market
  • Leverage private cloud to maximize efficiency
  • Reengineer the service and delivery model to build in even more flexibility, efficiency and faster response times
  • Implement a non-disruptive migration to the new service
  • Ensure value for money, with cost reduction where possible
  • Finalize the transition by the first quarter of 2021 to ensure maximum cost efficiency for Axel Springer

The solution

Atos delivered the new IT environment and parallel operation of services in the existing Twin Data Centers with key enhancements to optimize flexibility and responsiveness.

Adjustments and improvements included:

  • VMware vSphere server virtualization with extended access rights, bringing the company even closer to its market-leading vendor and software cycles, to foster and accelerate innovation
  • Use of shared storage systems for greater efficiency and more flexibility in volume demand
  • Optimization of the Wide Area Network to achieve cost reductions
  • A simplified delivery model with fewer points of contact with Atos to focus accountability and shorten decision-making paths

Business benefit

Axel Springer and Atos worked in close partnership to design and deliver a joint approach that achieved a successful and smooth transition, despite the challenges of Covid-19.

Benefits include:

  • Continuity of service for Axel Springer, with expertise, knowledge and experience transferred and fully leveraged
  • As part of a flexible multi-cloud strategy, a private cloud that brings even greater agility with stability for Axel Springer’s business
  • Value for money, with a low CapEx requirement and reduced operational costs
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