Make a place to work, meet and share

Industry: Discrete Manufacturing
Region: International
HQ: Veldhoven, Netherlands
Company size: 19,200 employees

“The Place to Work, Meet, Learn and Share program changed dimension under the Atos’ leadership. I believe it is now a very well recognized program, starting to bring value to the company. I see in all my visits to local teams, even in the most remote area, the program is known and serves as cohesive glue to ASML.”

Frederic Schneider-Maunoury
Chief Operations Officer, ASML

Engage employees worldwide to be successful, to develop themselves, to fulfil themselves and to enable them with inspiring workplaces and technology to collaborate and connect cross-sector and cross-location


ASML’s ambition is to become a €10 billion global technology leader in 2020, by means of three strategic pillars: technology leadership, customer & supplier intimacy and people & processes.

ASML turned to Atos to define, structure and organize the global Place to Work, Meet, Learn and Share program that would allow ASML to integrate this mission-critical program in their day-to-day business in Europe, United States and Asia.

The challenge


The challenge was to build a common Place to Work, Meet, Learn and Share vision, align all involved stakeholders worldwide, build tangible structures for higher, middle and operational management, involve employees and increase the transparency of all global and local Place to Work, Meet, Learn and Share initiatives, in such a way that ASML will be one Company, with highly engaged employees.

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The solution


Atos supported the definition of the vision statement, approved by ASML’s executive committee. The overall Work, Meet, Learn and Share operating model was designed, including the concrete Building Blocks.

For each building block an owner was appointed and objectives were set. ASML’s executive committee defined the focus areas, to give controlled acceleration in specific Place to Work, Meet, Learn and Share areas. Clear governance has been set-up, from top management level to local operational management.

Business benefit


Atos supported ASML to organize their global Place to Work, Meet, Learn and Share program, enabling ASMLs’ executive committee to control the overall project roadmap, justify the investments and clarify the external image of ASML as the best company to work for.

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