Establishing an inclusive culture of transformation

Industry: Financial Services
Region: International
HQ: The Hague, Netherlands
Company size: 28,318 employees

Assured and seamless migration to time and budget


This is the story of a dynamic and collaborative partnership delivering business transformation with assurance and pace to enhance Aegon’s customers’ experience (CX) while delivering efficiencies and upskilling staff.

The project has seen a number of firsts: Aegon’s CX Academy – unique in the UK, its pioneering CX Lab, powerful automation now embedded into operations, new employee engagement, plus customer satisfaction scores well above market norms.

Atos and Aegon have created a mutual benefit fund to invest in joint development activities, with Atos entrusted with more digital transformation work beyond the original contract – a clear vote of confidence in Atos’ approach.

The challenge


As a leading financial services provider, Aegon needed a proven digital transformational partner to rapidly deliver a seamless and intuitive customer journey whilst optimizing its key background systems. Following a rigorous, competitive supplier selection process, Atos achieved a rapid, seamless migration of Aegon’s operations and IT in order to start delivering continuous service improvements. What makes Atos unique is its joint working approach and thinking ‘beyond the contract’ from day one.

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The solution


  • Quickly established an inclusive culture of transformation to build confidence and readiness for transformation.
  • Created a cutting-edge CX Lab to test all new service enhancements.
  • Established an accredited CX Academy to upskill staff.
  • Measured staff, stakeholder and customer satisfaction, with Net Promoter Score (NPS) for the first time.
  • Systematically innovated, making service and CX improvements with built-in additional functionality.
  • Introduced Robotic Process Automation to drive operational improvements.

Business benefit


  • Assured and seamless migration from the incumbent service provider.
    -Approx. 30 third party supplier contracts updated and refreshed.
  • Additional functionality delivered whilst making service improvements.
    -Operational excellence initiatives resulting in over 15% increase in capacity of in-scope population.
  • Refreshed customer satisfaction programme rolled out with high CXand NPS scores.
  • Cutting edge CX Lab and Academy established on site.
    -25 CX Mindset sessions held with transferred employees and Aegon staff.
    -10 CX and 15 LEAN Academy graduates.
  • New employee and stakeholder engagement programme established.
  • Highly engaged, motivated and up-skilled employees with access to advanced training and career opportunities.

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