Atos Digital Performance Management for SAP

Case Study: Electronics Manufacturer, US

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Atos Digital Performance Management for SAP, in partnership with AppDynamics, enabled a global electronics manufacturer to proactively manage their business-critical SAP applications.

This switch to proactive SAP monitoring and management helped the manufacturer to move away from manual monitoring and enabled them to scale to meet customer demands and maximize their sales revenues. It also helped protect their production line interruptions to be reduced by as much as 70%.

The challenge


Manufacturing design and production processes require predictable and scalable SAP applications. If those apps slow down or stop, so does the factory line. It delays delivery, increases overtime, and ultimately results in lost revenue.

Our customer’s fragmented approach to performance management wasn’t working. Manually addressing application issues had left their IT teams struggling to pinpoint performance bottlenecks. And as they grew, SAP performance became crucial – they didn’t have the in-house expertise to know how to scale.

The solution


With the help of Atos, the electronics manufacturer was able to change to a single tool for monitoring performance. Our Digital Performance Management for SAP monitors end-to-end performance of SAP applications across all their platforms, including legacy applications.

By transitioning to real-time business process monitoring, our customer was able to proactively manage their business-critical SAP applications, moving them away from manual monitoring, speeding up root-cause analysis (RCA), and enabling them to scale while protecting their production line.

Business benefit


Being able to quickly see where issues are occurring and speed up resolution – often before users even notice there’s a problem – is a real benefit for our customer.

The move to proactively manage their SAP applications reduces production interruptions by 60-70%, helping prevent unnecessary downtime. Not only that, but there’s also faster root cause discovery, and increased efficiency for their DevOps team who now no longer need to write monitoring code to locate any blockages.

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