When coffee becomes digital

Marc Llanes Badia

Cybersecurity Global Business Development, Atos Senior Expert and member of the Scientific Community

Klaus Tritschler

Client Landscape Architect

David Salama

Innovation Manager Major Events, Atos Distinguished Media Expert and Atos Scientific Community Member

Posted on: February 3, 2020

7 a.m. Alarm clock is ringing while the curtains open automatically following the sunrise. You don’t leave your bed until the smell of coffee comes in after your brand new e-CoffeeMachine connected to the house domotic system is preparing a nice cup of your preferred organic coffee from Colombia.

You love technology. You like to have everything digitalized and automated. You would even like to see automated the full process from growing your organic coffee up to the delivery at your home, but you think it is not possible as we need those old-fashioned man-made traditional means to get a good organic coffee done.

While you are tasting the nice coffee cup, you discover there is a logo of an NFC tag in the package, so you decide to scan with your mobile device to learn more about it. You realize how wrong were your assumptions.

The bean plantation is fully robotized, where the plants have been real-time monitored by IoT sensors analyzing the soil, the plants themselves using image processing to early detect plant diseases in order to apply minimal organic pesticides that match to a specific disease. In order to maintain a clean environment, most of the work is done by robots that communicate with the IoT devices over a 5G island where the data is processed in a Mobile Edge Computing (MEC) service. The processed information is securely sent to a cloud from a regional data center in Columbia. These data create a data lake for research in new methodologies. Then, using AI and ML techniques allows the company to increase its production while keeping a low cost with the highest quality to ensure the Organic certification.

All this is real-time monitored in the German company at their HQ using a platform provided and operated by a company called Atos.

Now you love your coffee better.

This blog was written during the Co-Creation Market challenge at the Atos 2nd Expert Convention.

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About Marc Llanes Badia
Cybersecurity Global Business Development, Atos Senior Expert and member of the Scientific Community
Marc is part of the Cyber Security Global Business Development team at Atos. His base profile is Senior IT and Information Security Consultant with extensive experience in most areas of the business, in international multicultural environments, from architecture or strategy definition, up to systems integration or operations management. Marc has played various roles during his career: as specialist, systems architect, business consultant, team lead, pre-sales, service manager… On top of his technical profile Marc has developed and practiced multidisciplinary activities such as project management, change management, customer management, innovation management and leadership. He is member of the Atos Scientific Community and as such he is actively involved in all aspects of Innovation and thought leadership to foresee upcoming technology disruptions and future business challenges. He is also appointed an Atos Senior Expert in Cyber Security, leading the IoT Security domain.

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About Klaus Tritschler
Client Landscape Architect
With more than 20 years of experience in the areas of IT infrastructure architecture and IT service, he developed standard solutions for application operations and IT solutions for customers with a solution TCV of up to €100 million. He rolled out the solutions and services in near and offshore locations. Now he is responsible for the IT strategy of a large German telecom provider as Client Landscape Architect in the account team. He is a graduated computer scientist (FH), certified PMI project manager (PMP) and Atos Senior Expert.

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About David Salama
Innovation Manager Major Events, Atos Distinguished Media Expert and Atos Scientific Community Member and member of the Scientific Community
David started in the consulting, working in the Miami office of Socimer International Corporation and later in Spain, in Grupo Gesor, a firm where he gained experience in the development of information systems of customized software solutions and exploitation of electronic commerce ventures. David led the proposal and the projects that form the core of the media Unit in Atos Research & Innovation such as LIVE, My eDirector 2012, JOI, SARACEN and Experimedia. He has lead several EU research projects in the FP5, FP6, and FP7, including OLYMPIC, TELECARE, EC-Bridge, C-MONITOR, or pEHR. He has also led Spanish national R&D projects such as SAFE-OF and BUSCAMEDIA. David was able to coordinate a venture with RTVE for the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic Games funded by a national R&D project. David was the technical coordinator of the Smart Player for the Paralympic Games 2012, and for the OVP solutions in Sochi, Nanjing, Rio, and PyengChang. He was key in convincing OBS that we were able to synchronize audio commentator channels on the player and therefore reduce the logistics and infrastructure required, the single most important USP for Atos to gain the OBS contract for the Smart Player.  

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