The three pillars of mainframe transformation: Manage, migrate and modernize

When it comes to business decisions, three is a powerful number. “Two” on the other hand makes all decisions binary and simply provides either/or options. A larger number of choices can muddy the waters by offering too many undifferentiated categories. Given the alternatives, “three” is an ideal way to dissect a situation and frame a strategy.

A perfect case in point is what to do about mainframe modernization. Mainframes have been the workhorses of enterprises for decades — and are deeply intertwined with the most important functions that make the business run. For these critical systems, it cannot simply be reduced to a “keep or discard” choice. There has to be another option.

Manage, migrate and modernize

When it comes time to embrace transformation, some operations are so deeply embedded, brittle or close to retirement that it makes sense to manage them as they are. Other functions and processes have greater value and can be migrated from the data center to the cloud to create even more value. To achieve faster processes and enhanced insights from the latest technologies, such as artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), we must first modernize, which moves us towards transformative innovation.

MIII for Microsoft Azure is a comprehensive program from Atos designed to manage, migrate and modernize mainframe applications by running them on Microsoft Azure cloud for business transformation. It involves discovering, developing and deploying solutions that are secure, sustainable and scalable.

Discover, develop and deploy

There is no single way to execute a mainframe transformation. A successful program relies on a holistic approach that rigorously analyzes your current conditions and aligns with your business needs and demands. The end goal is to create and execute a comprehensive response that takes into account all the people, processes and products involved.

With an eye on long term, persistent gains, the effort begins with a discovery phase that comprises all aspects of the ecosystem. Once this knowledge is in hand, it’s time to develop an aggressive yet realistic roadmap. Next, it’s time to execute and deploy the plan in an iterative and agile manner that continually cycles through the discover, develop and deploy steps.

Secure, sustainable and scalable

There are several bedrock principles and objectives that must be considered during a mainframe modernization project. Job number one is to ensure that all systems and processes are secure. This is essential because the existing mainframe systems routinely handle the core functions of the business. Secondly, with an eye to the future, the new system must meet the current and future requirements with a sustainable footprint. Finally, the transformation plan must be scalable to ensure effective growth. Failing to address limitations on expansion and configuration is a huge missed opportunity.

How you can harness the power of three at your organization

It takes a trusted partner with deep mainframe experience combined with the vision and strategy to make the most of current and future technology.

The MIII (Manage, Migrate, Modernize) strategy delivers in all regards and is a highly effective approach to continuous mainframe modernization that is secure, sustainable and scalable.

In the long term, as you discover, develop and deploy this model, it translates into savings on maintenance and management costs while unlocking new enterprise capabilities such as AI and machine learning.

The MIII (Manage, Migrate, Modernize) strategy is a highly effective approach to continuous mainframe modernization that is secure, sustainable and scalable. In the long term, as you discover, develop and deploy to manage, migrate and modernize your mainframes.

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