How moving SAP to the Cloud on Azure benefits all areas of an enterprise

By now, the possibilities and opportunities presented by cloud adoption are evident as new insights (and even whole new lines of business) are spawning and developing at an unprecedented pace. The acceleration of the move to the cloud comes as no surprise. Gartner forecasts end-user spending on public cloud services to reach $396 billion in 2021 and grow 21.7% to reach $482 billion in 2022.

Specifically, the scalability and agility of SAP’s cloud-powered ERP leaves enterprises that don’t migrate in the Bronze Age. And when running on Microsoft Azure, SAP can unlock powerful new capabilities for your enterprise.

The benefits of SAP on Azure

Enterprises moving to SAP on Azure experience notable benefits from: IT cost reduction; digital transformation initiatives; increasing speed, scale, and agility; increasing innovation; line-of-business process improvements; and eliminating old systems that were costly to maintain or update.

The scalability and agility of SAP’s cloud-powered ERP leaves enterprises that don’t migrate in the Bronze Age.

These benefits can help organizations that might be looking to patch together disparate data systems, improve their ability to scale up and down to meet seasonal demand, or create better information channels, all which can be made easier in the cloud.

However, change doesn’t always come easy and, in most cases, the impacts of cloud adoption go far beyond the technology boundaries of digital to include all aspects of the enterprise. To make a change effective, buy-in is required from the entire organization for changes that affect their business area. For this reason, the successful adoption of cloud must include consideration for everything from sales and marketing to finance and human resources.

Taking a persona driven approach

In a recent publication, Atos examines a specific case of how migrating SAP to Microsoft Azure can have a positive impact on all areas of the business. In an innovative, persona driven ebook format, we see how the leaders at a hypothetical pharmaceutical company, Montegro Worldwide, focus on their particular needs and challenges. Examples include:

  • Chief Information Officer: integrating disparate data sources, enhancing scalability, speeding up production, and expanding into new products.
  • IT Director: addressing security and integration with existing services through a migration roadmap.
  • Chief Financial Officer: managing total cost of ownership, cost of compliance, and a shift from being product-centric to a more customer-centric model.
  • Chief Sales Officer and Chief People Officer: the ability to work faster and smarter in a way that attracts and supports the most sought-after talent.
  • Chief Marketing Officer and Chief Data Officer: getting more out of existing data by breaking down silos, thereby increasing the cadence of innovation.
  • Chief Operating Officer: a transition that is secure, free of disconnects, and carries low business risk to ensure zero downtime.

Ultimately, Atos relies on a carefully considered approach that employs a holistic view of both current constraints and considerations as well as the promise and possibilities of the best of Azure cloud. Our experts will run a thorough assessment of your current environment, processes, and goals, paying special attention to elements like operational readiness and interface testing.

Experience is central to success

When considering a migration from SAP to the cloud, it’s important to choose a partner with an intimate understanding of both existing constraints and future possibilities and can effectively deliver a roadmap to a successful cloud solution. This effort begins at the assessment stage and continues unabated through every step of the process, ensuring that opportunities are maximized.


To learn how Atos can help your organization navigate the SAP-to-cloud migration challenge, download our free e-book.

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By Nitin Icchpunani, Cloud Sales & Alliance Leader for North America

Posted on: January 12, 2022


Atos can help your organization navigate the SAP-to-cloud migration challenge,

Download our free e-book to learn how:

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