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Trends in enterprise communication and collaboration (part 1): Five hot topics in user and meeting experience

Having entered a new decade 2020, it`s the perfect time to think about what the future may provide. Working for Unify, Atos` division and brand for enterprise communication & collaboration, the theme of my first blog in 2020 is about 5 hot topics in User & Meeting Experience.  Immersive meeting & conference experience The importance of team…

Life and pensions, the critical challenge

Life and pensions providers now face the challenge of accelerating their response to today’s significant market and technological shifts. We see an exciting future for the supply side of the Life and Pensions industry as ‘Life and Pensions 3.0’. Where 1.0 was focused on lifting and shifting high-volume workloads for immediate cost-benefit without process transformation, 2.0 was about moving to new platforms with only limited transformation. What distinguishes Life and Pensions…

Five ways the Future of Work will surprise you

It has been said that as a species, we humans first shape our technologies, and then our technologies shape us. It seems no more so than in the realm of the way we work, and with regard for the Future of Work

Sustainability: it’s a great platform for economic growth

The select and pioneering Global Green Growth Forum – or 3GF – met in Copenhagen a few months ago. Select, because each guest was chosen for his or her potential contribution, and personally invited by the Danish Prime Minister. Pioneering, because the Forum was convened to address some of the most fundamental questions of our time: how will we live our lives, where will we live, and what…