Paris Art Exhibition '22

For centuries, there has been a strong link between art, design, imagination and commerce.

As technology has evolved, art has continued to inform manufacturing techniques. The advent of computing provided new inspiration and new tools for artisans, manufacturers and engineers alike. This still exists today, as computer-generated designs shape both the products and the artworks of tomorrow.

The Atos Art Exhibition invited 30 artists to explore the intersection of art and manufacturing by showcasing innovative materials and techniques in their work — and to imagine new ideas and concepts for the future. The goal is to inspire engineers and manufacturing professionals to leverage their own creativity to overcome challenges such as decarbonization, digital smart factories, cloud computing and cybersecurity.

Join Senior Atos Management Team, and noted art curator Lee Cavaliere for this very special event.

Take a look at the gala

The gala opening of the Atos Art Exhibition took place on March 31st.
After raising a glass to one of the first in-person events in a long while, we welcomed
the attendees to the exhibition.

Take a look at the highlights of this outstanding event!

Photo Gallery

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