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Ransomware facts

Approximately 37% of global organizations were the victim of some form of ransomware attack in 2021, o/w 54% add data encrypted.

Source IDC

  • 31% closed their business
  • 53% stated their brands were damaged
  • 29% were forced to remove jobs
  • 32% lost top leadership

Cybereason, 2021

Ransomware is becoming an industry, with well organized groups (Circus Spider, DarkSide, Revil, …), and even “Ransomware as a Service” offers

Various internet sources, 2021

Your business challenge and our solution

The topics for the boardroom never really change spectacularly, but cybersecurity is a subject that should not be underestimated, even in the boardroom, kind of depending on how crucial digitality is in your operations.

Every sector and organization will be affected sooner or later and will have to deal with it. Depending on the vulnerability, a cyber-attack, which is becoming more professionally organized, will have an impact, significant or not, on business operations and sometimes viability.

Atos is number 1 in EMEA and number 3 globally in cybersecurity consulting.

Atos Cyber Recovery solution accelerates and secures post-attack recovery:

  1. Maintaining safe data to recover.
  2. Accelerating the recovery process through appropriate methodologies

BCM & Cyber Recovery Alignment in the context of NIST Framework

Consulting of Ransomware Readiness Assessment integrated with BCM enables real Cyber Recovery

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Consulting Review


BCM: BIA, List of critical assets supporting key business services, processes and functionalities

Data Governance

Data Classification

Risk Assessment

Business & technical teams are aligned and up-to-date as for criticality, RTO, RPO scope of business data, applications, and its translation into all technical layers of systems and prioritization of back-up, restore and recovery

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Maintenance – Vault Managed Services


Automate data protection for your key assets as well as your backup environment

Data Protection/
Back-up for Critical Data, Access Controls, Maintenance Data/InfoSec, IAM

Vulnerability Controls, Awareness

Ensure you always have safe, unencrypted backup data, prepared Vault/Cleanroom you can use for recovery with best-in-class platform security, immutable air-gapped backups, and zero trust architecture.


Maintenance – Vault Managed Services


Early threat detection is critical to mitigating ransomware threats

Align SOC/SIEM, IPS, AV to identify ransomware and its attack symptoms

Anomalies detection

Integrity checking


Correlate unauthorized activity with insights into access attempts.

Alerting for data anomalies or quarantined data for forensics.


Maintenance – Vault Managed Services


Proactively respond to prevent threats from spreading

Incident response including both types: classic BCM/DR disruptive events and ransomware attacks

Alignment of BCM Incident/Emergency Response, Crisis management with Cybersecurity Incidents,

Stop the spread of ransomware immediately with SIEM and SOAR integrations that automate response activities like quarantining infected resources and snapshots.

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Maintenance – Vault Managed Services


Flexibility recovery options from clean backups reduces impacts to your business

Cyber Recovery from Air-gapped Vault/Clean Room with specific Runbook procedure to prevent re-infection.

CR part of DR architecture, plans, procedures, tests, reviews.

Avoid reinfection by scanning individual snapshots in Vault before recovery to ensure data is clean. Use automated recovery tools to find the most recent clean version of every file within a specified date range.

Cyber Vault – Protecting the critical data assets

An overview of the technology


  • Data isolation using an air-gapped recover vault
  • Only attached to the network when transferring data, then disconnected – virtually invisible to attackers
  • All controlled by the Backup app


  • Create immutable copies of both data and infrastructure


  • The data cannot be deleted until the lock expires


  • Run CyberSense analytics to identify any corrupt data
  • Data marked as “good” can be immediately recovered, any corruption will register an alert


  • 1 day average
  • Accelerated data recovery helps quickly resume business activity

Atos Added Values Cyber Recovery

Atos has over 6000 cybersecurity consultants across 72 countries and provides international security services to global customers.

Atos is number 1 in EMEA and number 3 globally in cybersecurity consulting.
Cybersecurity is one of the top 4 investment priorities for Atos.

Cyber recovery key part of the customer’s cybersecurity strategy. Atos is a trusted advisor in all cybersecurity areas and can offer holistic advice and solutions to customers.

Atos has a proven track records of successes in deploying and operating IT infrastructures worldwide, ensuring high availability, disaster recovery, backup and restore for the most demanding customer environments.

The value of Dell Technologies

  • Validates backup set integrity to aid and accelerates recovery
  • Protects from attacks originating inside the organization
  • Offers full content indexing on-prem with AI/ML analytics
  • Supports multiple backup vendors
  • Offers automated operational air gap controlled from the cyber vault
  • The solution is endorsed by Sheltered Harbor
  • Multi-layer security ahead of competition
  • Secure remote management Zero trust Network design for remote access


Data Protection
Appliances & Software*

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Cyber Recovery Customers
250 wins/Q in H2-2021

  • The data cannot be deleted until the lock expires

*Based on combined revenue from the IDC 3Q19 Purpose-Built Backup Appliance (PBBA) Tracker, with select Storage Software segments from the 3Q19 Storage Software and Cloud Services Overview

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