Atos named finalist in Microsoft’s Inclusion Changemaker Award

June 29, 2022

Atos today announces that it has been named as a finalist for Microsoft’s Inclusion Changemaker Award in recognition for its Accessibility As A Service offer which is part of it’s Accessibility and Digital Inclusion program.

Atos’ Global Accessibility and Digital Inclusion Program is a transversal program, consisting of three topical areas: Inclusive Business Growth, Operational Excellence & Compliance and Connected Ecosystems with 7 workstreams that touch every area of its business. These workstreams are: Clients, Business Partners, Portfolio, Atos Systems & Process, Employee Experience, Communications and Social Partners.

This is the first year that Microsoft has created the Inclusion Changemaker Impact Award. This Award recognizes a partner organization that Excels at providing innovative and unique services or solutions based on Microsoft technologies that help customers solve challenges of diverse representation, economic access, digital inclusion, and/or accessibility.

Find out more about Atos’s Inclusive End User experience offer

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