[REPORT] Atos and Forrester Consulting tackle the challenges to successful IoT adoption in the manufacturing industry

Paris, 3 September 2020

Atos, a global leader in digital transformation, and Forrester Consulting published a new study called “Unlock The Game - Changing Potential Of IoT In Manufacturing” in which they identified a clear gap between the intended and actual benefits that manufacturers are currently able to attain from deploying IoT projects.

IoT remains a rising trend: 42 % of manufacturers globally have already acted to harness IoT and 27 % plan to implement within the next 12 months, according to Forrester data[1]. However, business impact has proved elusive so far. The study sheds light on companies’ needs and drivers of investment while offering insights as to why levels of implementation remain mixed despite enthusiasm across the sector for IoT use cases.

Around one in six of surveyed manufacturers (14 %) is still at the pilot stage, either having launched a pilot or still evaluating one. Those that are further along with implementation are either struggling with ongoing execution (21 %) or still awaiting business value despite establishing a reliable process for execution (31 %).

In the report, Atos and Forrester offer clear, actionable solutions to delivering successful IoT projects.

  • Align vision for IoT across departments: only 13 % of manufacturers claim to have adequate in-house staff and many underestimate the changes in management structure required to take advantage of IoT. Aligning IT, operations, production, and product development on a common vision and strategy is critical, and this must go hand-in-hand with a wider cultural shift.
  • Build a business case: only 12 % of respondents have achieved ROI on all IoT projects and initiatives. Measuring and reporting on the ROI of pilot projects and initiatives helps garner support from senior executives and build the business case to surpass roadblocks and scale up IoT.
  • Work with partners to mature IoT implementation: firms that have already engaged a partner or vendor are more likely to state that they have delivered business value from IoT (46 % vs. 20 %). Indeed, partners can bridge the skills gap at manufacturers’ for IoT, help tackle the challenges of managing a complex infrastructure and help secure data, devices, and network.

In order to help customers build successful IoT projects, Atos and its partners Maven Wave, Forrester and Google Cloud will host a series of three roundtables in September. You can register here: https://www.mavenwave.com/innovation-with-impact-iot/

Download the full report


Conducted by Forrester Consulting for Atos, the study was conducted with 524 business, IT, and operations decisions makers in manufacturing and industrial firms in the US and Europe. The custom survey began in November 2019 and was completed in December 2019.

[1] Source: Forrester Analytics Business Technographics® Global Networks And Telecommunications Survey, 2019.


Press contact: Marion Delmas | marion.delmas@atos.net | +33 6 37 63 91 99

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