Atos boosts HPC application efficiency with its new Flash Accelerator solution

Paris, 7 February 2019

Atos, a global leader in digital transformation, today announced the availability of its two new flash accelerators for High Performance Computing (HPC) workloads as part of Atos Smart Data Management Suite. These two new solutions – Smart Burst Buffer (SBB) and Smart Bunch of Flash (SBF) - increase the performance and productivity of HPC I/O intensive applications. They are the most flexible and cost-effective flash accelerators on the market.

These two flash storage appliances will dramatically change the way HPC applications are speeded up and the way in which HPC application workflows benefit from NVMeOF* technology.

  • With Smart Burst Buffer (SBB), Atos has taken a radically different approach to existing legacy Burst Buffer offerings currently available on the market, with a solution that is fully transparent, non-intrusive to applications, with smart preload capabilities and which is fully integrated with Atos Smart Data Management Suite.
  • Atos Smart Bunch of Flash (SBF) uses NVMeOF technology to boost HPC application workflows by allocating centrally available temporary storage to compute nodes. Atos SBF is fully configurable and integrated with HPC traditional runtime environments.

“These versatile solutions rely on the most recent hardware and software technologies to speed-up I/O and increase efficiency on workloads, through a targeted usage of Flash storage, without having to re-architect existing or soon-to-be-designed HPC clusters” says Olivier Multon, Storage & Data Management Product Manager, Atos Big Data & Security. “The integration of SBB/SBF with the other modules of our Smart Data Management Suite will allow users to select the data flows likely to benefit from the low latencies and huge I/O rates delivered by Flash storage”

Atos Smart Burst Buffer and Smart Bunch of Flash are now available. These two products complete Atos’ data management offering, Atos Smart Data Management Suite, and includes Smart IO Instrumentation, Smart IO Pattern Analyzer and Smart IO Libraries.

*NVMeOF = Non-Volatile Memory Express over Fabrics. NVMe is a new protocol for accessing high-speed storage media that has many advantages compared to legacy protocols.

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