Atos predicts the digital dilemmas that organizations will face by 2022

Could we vs should we? In its latest thought leadership publication, Journey 2022, the Atos scientific community shares its vision for future digital challenges and how to resolve them

November 5, 2018

Atos, a global leader in digital transformation, today unveiled its latest thought leadership publication predicting that the world in 2022 will experience a rebalancing in how we interact with and implement technology. It is anticipated that successful business transformations will become less about pure technology capability and more about achieving an appropriate balance with the impact on people and society.

As the potential of emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence and automation become clearer and more ambitious, questions of ethics and equality gain prominence. Organizations will need to address the dilemmas arising from a growing tension between the “art of the possible” and “the art of the permissible”.

Atos believes that organizations that truly put humans (customers, employees and citizens) at the heart of their digital strategies and who acknowledge and manage the ethics of technology will be the ones that flourish on the journey to 2022 and beyond.

According to leading analysts, more than 40% of business leaders see their greatest digital transformational challenge as one of culture and skills.

Resolving Digital Dilemmas

Dilemmas over technology challenges and choices are not a new phenomenon – they are all too familiar today. However, the nature and impact of emerging dilemmas are changing. For example, skills obsolescence has always needed to be managed, but we may now face a situation where the traditional education system is training people in skills that will be obsolete before they are used. Some required future skills have not even been identified yet and the rate of change of technology might prevent humans from keeping up with the required rate of learning.

To help understand how clients can best deal with the uncertainties that influence the real-world application, adoption and acceptance of digital technologies, the Atos Scientific Community has researched into what they perceive to be some of the most influential digital technologies, trends and perspectives that will impact businesses by 2022.

John Hall, Atos Scientific Community Member and Editor in Chief of Journey 2022 said, “We anticipate exciting and challenging advances in the technology areas we have researched. Not all of these will necessarily be perceived positively by society at large. Enterprises should carefully consider the way that cultural values are reflected in their products and services. As we journey toward 2022, the questions of “Could we?” and “Should we?” must always go hand in hand.”



Atos launches Journey 2022 – Resolving Digital Dilemmas, researched and developed by its Atos Scientific Community.

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