Atos unveils the future of technology that will shape businesses through to 2020

The latest Journey 2020 Thought Leadership publication shares Atos Vision of the evolving world of business, society and technology, and of the disruptive technologies and business trends that will impact our world.

Atos launches ‘Journey 2020- Digital Shockwaves in Business, researched and developed by its Atos Scientific Community.

Why businesses must anticipate the Digital Shockwaves now?

Looking towards 2020, it is clear that the pace and impact of technology on business and society is increasing. The changing business models and applications of technology we have already observed in the B2C world are now propagating through B2B interactions, thus creating a series of business disruptions or what we refer in Journey 2020 as “Digital Shockwaves”.

Explore the 4 sources of digital disruption

atos-news-j2020Atos identifies four main sources of disruption, emanating from:

  1. New business models, where we will see entire supply chain eco-systems reorganizing around Common Industrial Data Platforms where participants will intentionally share data relating to design, production, operations and markets, thus giving rise to Intelligent Networked Enterprises. Blockchain technology will offer completely new means of enforcing and verifying contractually binding exchanges in essentially trustless business relationships.
  1. New ways of working, with Automation, communities and digital leadership radically reshaping the work landscape. The workplace of the future is virtual, collaborative and flexible. User Interfaces are gradually evolving to extend to more senses than just sight and encompass wearables. We are already seeing disruption in the ways that IT applications are developed, deployed and operated. DevOps will increasingly be the means of achieving agility in the full application lifecycle.
  1. Disruptive technologies: with, for instance, Quantum Computing, expected to create a massive disruption in the medium term and likely to first impact the security arena. Today’s highly secure data encryption could become easily ‘crackable’ using certain quantum algorithms. Businesses should start preparing for this disruption now, by implementing strategies for Quantum-Safe Cryptography.
  1. and evolving challenges such as the need for better and simplifiedCybersecurity. Also, advancements in medical technology and food production technology are creating all kinds of new possibilities, which originate a whole set of moral and ethical challenges that must now be factored into our considerations of IT for life.

All these disruptions will have far-reaching consequences in all sectors of the economy. Businesses that are able to anticipate and react to these shockwaves in the context of their specific industry will take a leadership role in the digital era.

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