CNAG – Sequencing and Supercomputers – Case Study


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CNAG - Sequencing and Supercomputers - Case Study

Atos is committed to supporting new fields of study across biomedical sciences and genomics. We understand the importance of building platforms and capability that not only support, but enable limitless growth. When Spain’s National Centre of Genomics Analysis (CNAG) built its sequencing and analytics environment, it identified Atos as its solution provider of choice.

“It was not only about increasing the sequencing capability by procuring new equipment, but designing from scratch the appropriate computer infrastructure, with the assistance of a technological leader [that possessed] expertise in the field of genomics.”
Ivo Gut, Director, National Centre of Genomic Analysis

Supercomputing platforms like the one at CNAG have the capability to generate remarkable results. However, for them to scale at pace as data volumes and insight demands increase, it’s essential to have the flexibility to grow. That’s why we have worked to design and implement sophisticated analytics platforms that can grow seamlessly over time, in line with research demands.

With the latest supercomputing platforms in place, Atos is looking forward to providing more granular and varied insights to its end users, including the use of genomics research in ways to combat different types of illness.

CNAG – Sequencing and Supercomputers – Case Study

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