The Atos Pride Network delivers webinar series exploring the LGBT+ rainbow

As part of Pride Month in June, the global Pride Network, celebrated our Atos LGBT+ community.

David Haley, Pride Network Exec Sponsor and SVP Global Head of BTS and Head of FSI Northern Europe, shared his support for Atos’s LGBT+ and Allies community: I’d like to wish all our members a happy Pride month. Pride activities have changed dramatically this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. During this time, we are not just faced with the challenge of keeping ourselves and loved ones safe but also how we can continue to show solidarity and celebrate in isolation. With Pride marches, parades and events across the globe cancelled this summer, we are having to find new ways to show our support.”


In the run up to Pride month 2020, the Atos Pride Network delivered a series of webinars to explore LGBT+ identities. These lunchtime learning sessions were called ‘Understanding the LGBT+ Rainbow’.
Each week the presentation focused on different identities and explored the specific challenges that can be experienced.

The six sessions covered the following LGBT+ identities,

  • Lesbian and Gay
  • Bi and Pansexual
  • Trans and Gender Identities
  • Queer and Questioning
  • Intersex and Non-Binary
  • Asexual and Aromantic

The sessions included an interactive Q&A session and were recorded so that participants could revisit and share the content with colleagues who may have been unable to attend.

The webinars were delivered by Pride Network Co-Chair and Ally Representative Tamsin McCarthy.
“LGBT+ terminology is constantly evolving and can be confusing to some. In these weekly presentations we have tried to break down the terminology, explain the challenges individuals face, address some common myths and provide tips on how we can all be better allies. Our goal was to increase understanding of LGBT+ terms and confidence in using them. The response to the webinars has been fantastic. Each week participants get in touch to let us know how much they have learnt and LGBT+ employees have been pleased to see the full LGBT+ rainbow receiving recognition.”

About the Pride Network
The Atos Pride Network exists to bring together and support all lesbian, gay, bi, trans employees and their allies in the workplace.
Started in 2016, the Pride Network’s mission is to champion LGBT+ inclusion, awareness & the celebration of diversity within the workplace and wider communities.
The network is open to everyone to join and supports all employees who may need support and advice.
We want everyone to feel that they can be themselves in the workplace and create a truly LGBT+ inclusive workplace.
In 2020 Atos was named 40th on the Stonewall Top 100 Employers list and the Atos Pride Network was recognised as one of their highly commended employee networks.

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