Cloudification is a key contributor to organisations’ success in the digital age

Brussels, May 10, 2019

Atos, a global leader in digital transformation, says that the journey to the cloud is much more than a technical IT transformation project: it should be part of a larger business and IT transformation effort. This may seem daunting at first, but only by taking it to the next level will companies be able to fully realise the benefits of the cloud – such as cost reduction, agility and faster time to market.

According to the Digital Vision for Cloudification paper launched yesterday evening, organisations in Belgium are starting to understand the importance of cloudification, but are not yet realising the full benefits. Others still underestimate the impact of this paradigm shift. As a result, most Belgium-based companies are only taking their first steps in their cloudification journey.

This cautious approach to cloudification has inspired Atos to publish a Digital Vision paper on the various aspects to consider when moving to the cloud. “This publication aspires to provide a holistic view of cloudification in Belgium by combining the insight of local Atos subject-matter experts with that of strategic partners of Atos, its customers and their representatives and user groups, as well as thought leaders in the Belgian IT ecosystem” says Patrick Gyseling, Chief Commercial Officer at Atos Belgium & Luxembourg. “This paper provides thoughtful insight in a topic that is on the minds of many organisations here in Belgium and answers the questions most customers are currently debating in their IT leadership teams.”

“From our experience and from what they see in the market, Belgian organizations are eager for expertise and practical advice on the subject of cloudification” adds Antoine Kerrinckx, Chief Executive Officer at Atos Belgium & Luxembourg.


Sustainable strategy requires thorough preparation and excellent professionals

Cloud applications and platforms are the new normal, with cloud and agile development providing the tools for modern software creation. With cloud as the foundation, providing flexibility and scalability, you can optimise your IT architecture to enable new digital services and applications that will underpin business success.

But it is typically a rather complex journey to reach the ideal environment with the right amount of cloud computing, says Eric Grall, SEVP Head of Global Operations and Global IDM at Atos Group: A sustainable cloud strategy involves collaboration between centralised and distributed applications on legacy and multi-cloud environments. The orchestration of these applications relies on unified hybrid platforms to create and manage policies within your IT landscape, enabling the best usage with consistent governance, compliance and security. As this is not an easy assignment, it requires a well-prepared journey and excellent cloud professionals.”

Fortunately, there are professional partners available to help organisations with the development of new digital services in their business, adds Eric Grall: “At Atos, we combine industrial models with a deep knowledge of all sectors to offer a range of cloud solutions and services, helping advance the business ambitions of our customers.”

No one size fits all

The alignment of technical requirements with business ambitions is crucial for every cloudification journey, says Antoine Kerrinckx: “This is what makes cloudification journeys so unique; each company has its own priorities and strategic focus, and will need to adapt its technology roadmap accordingly. There simply is no ‘one size fits all’.”

One thing is certain, concludes Antoine Kerrinckx: there is no time to waste. “Instead of being intimidated by the scale of your cloudification and digital transformation projects, focus on taking the first step to total transformation. You will then be able to overcome native limitations and make the best choices to serve your strategy.


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