Digital Vision for Cloudification

Lift the cloud of uncertainty from your digital transformation journey

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Cloud applications and platforms are the new normal

With cloud as the foundation, providing flexibility and scalability, you can optimise your IT architecture to enable new digital services and applications that will drive business success. There is no question that cloud underpins digital transformation within the enterprise. Only by undergoing this transformation will organisations remain competitive and differentiated in their chosen markets. Atos is here to help customers through each step of this decisive journey.

Eric Grall, Senior Executive Vice President. Global Operations and TOP Program

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Digital Vision for Cloudification

Lift the cloud of uncertainty from your digital transformation journey

This Digital Vision aspires to provide a holistic view of Cloudification in Belgium by combining the insight of local Atos subject-matter experts with that of strategic partners of Atos, its customers and their representatives and user groups, as well as thought leaders in the Belgian IT ecosystem. The result provides answers to the questions most customers are currently debating in their IT leadership teams. We are confident that each article will add value to help guide your transformation towards a new, cloud computing-enabled business model.

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Key topics – Digital Vision for Cloudification

Cloudification and transformation

Cloudification – the move to the cloud – is never an isolated project; very often, it becomes part of a larger business and IT transformation effort. This may seem daunting at first, but only by taking it to the next level will you fully realize the benefits of the cloud – such as cost reduction, agility and faster time to market.

Cloud and security: harmony built on shared responsibility

Organizations often move to the cloud for security reasons, to entrust the safety of their data and applications to an expert in this field. But that doesn’t mean they can just ignore security altogether. In the end they will still be held accountable for breaches to their applications or data.

Prepare for cloudification today!

Global digitalization will leave no one unaffected. Getting started soon is essential, because the pace of technology-led disruption is accelerating relentlessly.

Cloud computing: part of the ultimate lifehack

Life hacks telling you how to enrich your life are all over the internet, but cloud computing is the most important one for organisations in this age of innovation. Public clouds such as Google’s not only contain many useful examples of life hacks, but they have actually become a life hack of their own.

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According to the Digital Vision for Cloudification organisations in Belgium are starting to understand the importance of cloudification, but are not yet realising the full benefits.


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Eric Grall
Senior Executive Vice President. Global Operations and TOP Program, Atos Group

Antoine Kerrinckx
Chief Executive Officer, Atos Belgium & Luxembourg

Patrick Gyseling
Chief Commercial Officer, Atos Belgium & Luxembourg

Tom Demeester
Business Manager, Atos Belgium

Jef Loos
Head Sourcing Research, Whitelane

Raf Van Bulck
Deputy adviser economics & Business Cycle, The Federation of Enterprises in Belgium (FEB)

Dirk Frederickx
Account Delivery Executive, Atos Belgium

Didier Ongena
General Manager, Microsoft Belgium & Luxembourg

Danielle Jacobs
General Manager, Beltug

Dominique Kindt
Managing Director, with Services

Rudy Van Nuffelen
Client Executive, Atos Belgium

Koen Maris
Director Cyber Security, PwC Luxembourg

Edward Boute
Chief Executive Officer, Google Cloud Belgium & Luxembourg

Guido Van Humbeeck
Director Architecture & Innovation, Vlaamse Dienst voor Arbeidsbemiddeling en Beroepsopleiding (VDAB)

Paul Albada Jelgersma
Global Head IoT Solutions, Atos Group

Patrick Gyseling

Chief Commercial Officer, Atos Belgium & Luxembourg