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Mission-critical communications systems for today and tomorrow

Homeland security: movement in a free world

Humans are becoming more mobile, goods traffic more global and natural disasters more serious. The number of activities that cross borders and organisations is increasing significantly. As a result, more requirements are placed on governments and security organisations to ensure internal security.

Atos continuously develops answers to the threats of our time. Independently of technologies and manufacturers, we offer a variety of solutions for comprehensive public (and, depending on the application, private) security that are as innovative as they are individual: professional mobile radio networks, systems for emergency control centres, integral IT platforms, integrated border control systems, IT security solutions, biometric identity solutions – to ensure that the world we move around in becomes a freer and safer place.

Emergency management systems for public security

High-performance emergency and crisis management, as well as efficient disaster protection, are playing an increasingly important role in security discussions. Atos‘ technology solutions facilitate the work of security organisations in a targeted way. They allow for quick intervention and help save lives.

Supporting the various communication channels and complex processes in emergency centres, public and private security organisations and crisis centres requires transparent and highly integrated communications systems. This is the only way to quickly identify and assess the respective situation in order to respond immediately and provide the best possible help.

Public Safety Answering Points (PSAPs)

Solutions for all emergency services

Atos benefits from its longstanding and extensive experience in the setup of emergency management systems (EMS) with professional mobile radio (PMR) and applies tried and tested technologies and system architectures. As a prime contractor, we offer solutions and services to all key emergency services – specifically tailored to their deployment areas. Atos‘ communications systems have been successfully used in all kinds of control centres for years.

Real-time information in emergency centres and control centres – total cooperation

Atos offers a complete product portfolio of mission-critical communications systems for the modern emergency control centres of today and tomorrow:

  • ICCS Integrated Common Communications System
    Comprehensive communications system for emergency telephony and radio for emergency management systems
  • SPDS Radio Dispatch System
    Radio control system, optimised for managing the emergency personnel of various organisations
  • FDMS Field Dispatch & Management System
    Radio control centres for stationary and mobile deployments

Your benefits

  • Fast emergency call acceptance and forwarding as well as efficient coordination of the various task forces (police, fire department, ambulance services, security, etc.) across all communication channels
  • Automation of emergency processes to relieve emergency personnel of routine tasks
  • Optimum deployment of professional mobile radio systems for efficient and supra-regional management of different emergency forces in the event of an incident
  • Standard user interface for all integrated systems to avoid errors
  • Highest level of system availability

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Professional mobile radio networks for security organisations

Mobile radio networks used by security organisations and critical infrastructure operators must be immune to eavesdropping, highly reliable, overload-proof and available at all times without restrictions, regardless of whether this relates to emergency situations (large-scale power cut), natural disasters (heatwaves, earthquakes, floods) or even acts of war. Commercial 3G/4G mobile radio networks are not suited to this as they do not offer interception-proof communication options, are only protected against power cuts for a short period of time, have no fall-back levels and may very quickly reach their limits in an emergency.

For communications in dangerous situations and emergency responses, security organisations (police, fire department, ambulance services, border guards, army, civil defence) and critical infrastructure operators (electricity suppliers, transport services) throughout the world rely on professional mobile radio (PMR) networks that offer precisely these decisive advantages: immunity to eavesdropping, high level of reliability and independence.

Our services

Atos has many years of experience in planning, setting up and running professional mobile radio (PMR) networks based on the digital PMR technologies TETRA and Tetrapol.

Atos‘ PMR solutions are the cornerstones of mobile radio communication for professional use, and are characterized by maximum availability and security. Various fall-back levels with redundant exchanges and separate power supplies ensure high system availability. End-to-end encryption renders all communication immune to eavesdropping – in remote areas or during special operations, devices are also able to communicate with each other directly without using additional network components. Atos‘ PMR solutions are designed in such a way that multiple organisations can use the network infrastructure jointly, while generally managing their deployments from their own independent emergency control centres. In order to jointly manage major incidents, communications between the various organisations involved can easily be merged into task forces.

Your benefits

  • High level of efficiency, quality and reliability of radio communications
  • Lower investment costs due to optimal selection of technologies, needs-based services and shared network infrastructure
  • Reduced operating costs due to optimised processes and tailor-made operator models
  • Smooth integration of the comprehensive Atos Emergency Management solution portfolio into the PMR mobile radio network for maximum security and efficiency in operation control
  • Long-term technical support and maintenance of the PMR technology and systems, typically exceeding 10 years.

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