Information Diffusion Systems

Information Diffusion Systems


The Information Diffusion systems is a group of systems that will deliver real-time results to the media and the Olympic and Paralympic family. This includes the Commentator Information System delivering real-time competition results and athlete information and myInfo+ providing information to media, athletes, judges, coaches and sponsors.

Commentator Information System (CIS)

Managed, centrally from the Technology Operations Centre, the Commentator Information System provides commentators and journalists with touch-screen technology that gives results in real time, so quick they can see the results before they hear the roar of the crowd. It is also the first time broadcasters will have access to the system for all Olympic and Paralympic sports. 


myInfo+ is an internet application that enables accredited media, sports officials and athletes to access information available to them. Competition schedules, medal ranking tables, transport news and sports records, will all be available via their laptops with users able to tailor their homepage so that it highlights the countries that they want to follow during the Games.

The system also allows users to bookmark results and reports and use the hyper-links to easily navigate to other websites including those of the International Olympic Committee and the respective Summer or Winter Games 2014.

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