Today we have turned our website purple to mark the launch of the #WeThe15 campaign created by the International Paralympic committee.

Purple is the colour chosen by the disability community to represent disability so all around the world organisations are going purple today to celebrate the launch of this ambitious 10 year long campaign.

15% of the world’s population have lived experience of disability. The campaign brings together the largest ever coalition of international organisations from the world of sport, human rights, policy and business to initiate change for the world’s largest marginalised group.

As a worldwide partner to the International Paralympic Committee and as an organisation that is committed to inclusion, we are proud to support #WeThe15

You can find out more about the campaign on the #WeThe15 website.

We are using the launch of the campaign to encourage our employees to talk about their experiences & drive greater engagement with Atos Adapt our disability focussed Employee Network / Resource Group.

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