Turning asset data into actionable strategy

Intelligent asset management for the water industry



Asset health plays an essential role in delivering safe and resilient water services.

Looking forward to the next 25 years and more, the water sector faces challenges from population growth, climate change, tightening environmental standards and changing customer expectations…


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What do we mean by water asset health and is that definition changing?

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Smart water network vision

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Asset health performance and outcome delivery incentives

Where should water companies invest their time, effort, money for the best return?

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Future of Utilities Summit: Data-driven understanding of asset health

On 15 September 2021 we joined a discussion with leading UK water companies on water asset health and how leveraging good quality data from assets could inform future resilience and decision-making. Check the video to discover more.

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In this outline, in the context of risk to serve and investment planning, we share our views on the way that asset health is currently understood. We have reviewed the existing data use and data management and the importance of a network-wide view of good data insights. We have also explored the examples of good practice and areas where water companies explore new ideas and innovation.


Jean Crisp

Global Pre-Sales Industry Executive, Energy & Utilities

Danuela Sullivan

Global Water Sector Lead

Per Edoff

Head of Global Energy & Utilities Presales for Data/Analytics,
Asset management and Value Based Maintenance