Structural Quality an Atos Quality Approach for the Digital Age – White Paper

The current wave of transformation towards truly digital enterprise models affects all organizations worldwide.

The application landscapes that IT Systems Integrators deliver, maintain and transform are growing exponentially. Applications are becoming increasingly critical in companies’ core business processes, in client interactions, in decision mechanisms, productivity and time-tomarket. As a result, the current revolution in IT for enterprises is digital business transformation across the entire value chain.

In the wake of this revolution systems integrators continuously adapt, amend and improve delivery methodologies and tools, allowing them to keep ahead of the pace of change required by their customers. While IT leaders strive to meet increasingly complex functional requirements within shortened timelines, it is more important than ever to measure and manage the non-functional health and ‘structural quality’ of enterprise applications.

In this white paper, Atos analyzes how an industry leading solution for application code quality and functional size measurement such as CAST impacts application health and quality aspects. We illustrate how a Tier-1 systems integrator can leverage such a tool to deliver the premium quality mandatory for the global digital revolution organizations are going through.

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Structural Quality an Atos Quality Approach for the Digital Age – White Paper

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