Rapid DevOps Adoption

Create, deliver and operate applications with agility for winning business benefit.

The speed, focus and agility with which you create winning business applications is critical. The DevOps approach is transforming the application lifecycle with quantifiable business benefit.

DevOps replaces the lengthy sequential application processes which served in the past. It is now essential that business ideas, application development and testing, delivery and ongoing maintenance work effectively in parallel.

In many ways, the biggest changes are cultural. This is especially true in creating the framework needed for business ideas and outcomes to feed directly into application development and operations.

Atos provides complete business and technical support for DevOps adoption. Our consultants guide you through the DevOps journey, taking into account your organization and culture; performance, learning and improvement; and the IT landscape and enablement, with specific reference to cloud and automation technologies.

Atos DevOps consultants work with you to understand and engineer the organizational change needed to align business and application development and operations. We also provide a complete, cloud-based DevOps platform, on which you will prototype, test, deliver and maintain a new generation of agile business applications.

In this DevOps environment, engineers, product owners and coaches work collaboratively together to speed time-to-market for winning business applications.

“We believe that at the end of 2019 over 80% of our application business will be transformed to a DevOps way of working.”
Ursula Morgenstern, head of C&SI Atos

Why choose Atos for DevOps?

Atos is putting DevOps at the core of our own application development and lifecycle services. It works for us, and it will work for you.

We know development. We know operations. Atos is ideally positioned to guide you on your DevOps journey. With our proven best practices, we are a one stop shop: managing change while assessing and providing the required resources and technologies.

Customer Satisfaction

Making sure that every digital customer touchpoint delivers value.

Time to market

Making ideas happen in hours not months.


Unified lifecycle management slashes development and maintenance costs.

IT Stability

Integral testing reduces error and integration challenge.

DevOps for entrepreneurs on Dutch TV

Atos experts recently gave a lively introduction to DevOps on this popular Dutch business TV program.

Viewers were particularly interested to learn more about practical steps to DevOps adoption.

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Atos provides a complete suite of services and solutions for successful DevOps adoption, from consultancy through to development and delivery platforms.

Considering DevOps

Our DevOps consultants help you evaluate benefits and strategy.

Enabling DevOps

Atos provides comprehensive development platforms and expert resources.

Delivering with DevOps

Quality of service is key to success for every DevOps engagement with Atos.

Our experts

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Global Head of DevOps
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DevOps Thought Leader
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DevOps Marketing and Communications

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