Grow your business from space data

Cloud based platform with permitting the exploitation of Earth Observation data to develop new solutions and start making business.

What is it?

Mundi Web Services is one of 5 Copernicus DIAS (Data and Information Access Services).
It is a cloud based platform with adding value services available 24/7, which allows the dynamization of the exploitation of Earth Observation data. It enables users to utilize the information to create their innovative solutions and products. We achieve this by permitting the exploitation of Earth Observation data by providing a tool selection (from beginner to expert, open-source and commercial) to develop new solutions.

Mundi web services

To capture the value of earth observation data, Mundi web services brings an infrastructure and a team that shares your passion for innovation.

Who is Mundi Web Services for?

It is available for all European’s citizen, and also for any citizen in the world interested in Earth Observation.

Why Mundi Web Services?

In order to facilitate and standardize access to data, Mundi provides added value services:

  • Availability and Copernicus data collections: Landsat, Cosmo-Skymed, IRS P5, Sentinel 3, Sentinel 5
  • Providing a customizable tool selection for various levels of expertise
  • Large choise of tools and services included in different extensible packs: Free and Premium with on demand options.

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A brief history of Earth observation

Whether you climb to the very top of a bell tower, or send a satellite into orbit, observing the ground always comes up against a cruel reality: the Earth is round.


Atos and Telespazio support farmers in their fight against invasive datura plant via Mundi platform

Deep Learning on drone and satellite images detects plots infected by the poisonous plant


Atos signs key contract with the European Space Agency to enable new services with satellite data

Atos will be responsible for integrating, delivering and operating the Cloud platform which will integrate specialized data sources.

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