Smart Control Room

Self-optimizing alarm prediction mechanism creating a new approach to smart operations

The Process industry is facing challenges in high down times, errors made by production line operators and complexities handling large variety and volumes of alarms

Although systems within a production line produce hundreds of alarm and event messages per minute, up to 80% of the alarms are “soft” and events can be ignored.

Filtering out the relevant alarms requires significant manual efforts.

Mistakes happen, critical alerts are ignored and the result is significant revenue loss from production downtime.

Improved process efficiency and less workload of production line operators, thanks to a new alarm handling solution


Based on the implementation of an open IoT ecosystem within the production line, machine learning algorithm and prediction models, processes and work of production line operators are improved and self-learning systems created.

Thanks to open ecosystem and a multi-technology, multi-vendor approach, Atos delivers an industrial-scale end-to-end solution that increases your Operation Equipment Efficiency.

The smart operation solution will increase the reliability of factory monitoring activities and simplify the workflow of production line operators.

Event Prediction

Gives the operator extra time to avoid critical events on the production line

  • Avoiding shutdowns

Defect Prediction

Predicts defects that increase the risk of damage and breakages

  • Ensuring higher quality product and less waste

Strength Prediction

Production uptime quality & yield

  • Faster product/grade change
  • Optimized consumption of raw materials

Smart Control Room


Atos and Siemens approach to establish a next level of control room handling is the “Smart Control Room” implementing end- to-end use cases underpinned by the implementation of a real time business intelligence dashboard.

  • Smart Alarms/Critical Events Prediction
  • Anomaly Prediction
  • LAB Values Prediction


Solution overview

Increase the Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) of your production line.

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Service Delivery

Based on pre-integrated and proven smart control room solutions we offer a business-focused and agile project approach.

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Smart Control Room

Commercial Model.

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