Connected Products and Services

In every sector, digital transformation dissolves the barrier between product and service: connectivity and success are inseparable

Creating the unprecedented levels of connectivity needed for digitally transformed business demands a special mix of business and technical skill.

Atos has the depth of technical expertise, the industry-specific knowledge and the depth of specialist partnerships you need to create newly connected products and services.

As a system integrator, Atos has strong relationships with, amongst others, Amazon, Microsoft, PTC, SAP and Siemens.

We also manage the worldwide connectivity needed for global business, either working with Network Operators and acting as a Mobile Virtual Network Operator.

Perhaps most importantly, we also offer accelerated trial and development labs, allowing you to fast-track innovated and ever-more connected products and services.

Atos connected coffee machine

Combining digital platforms and customer-centricity
is a recipe for success. For each enterprise, knowing the end customer is key. Hence, Fast Moving Consumer Goods companies (FMCG) leverage digital technologies like IoT data analytics to get those insights using Direct to consumer (D2C) / Micro retail strategy.
Adopting the D2C strategy, Atos has created an innovative connected coffee vending machine powered by a customer mobile app to deliver a world-class coffee house experience in any office or semi-public location.
The Atos connected coffee machine offers

  • Customer sales insights – ability to provide real-time insights on vending machines
  • Remote mass sales campaign – regional sales campaign by doing a remote push
  • Ability to contextualize the recipes based on the regional taste
  • Seamless offline mode
  • The economy of data – setup of a platform using a data gravity concept

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Head of Global IoT at Atos

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Purshottam Purswani

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Global Head of IoT portfolio

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