Digital Private Cloud

The right infrastructure for the right applications.

Effortless agility and robust security. Digital transformation starts here.

For every organization, business growth demands a scalable and responsive digital infrastructure: this is now a prerequisite not just for innovation but also for customer confidence and security.

Digital transformation and competitive differentiation go hand-in-hand. The infrastructure choices you make must actively support business strategy. They must allow you to continually improve performance and productivity.

Agility and security have become the watchwords for all sustainable infrastructure.

Digital Private Cloud
Digital Private Cloud (DPC) from Atos enables your enterprise to compete more effectively in the digital revolution.

Make DPC the foundation of your future infrastructure and you create an environment which enables innovation without compromising on security.

We achieve this by seamlessly aggregating multiple cloud infrastructure types and establishing a single “pane of glass” management view.

DPC is a secure and massively scalable platform for even the heaviest enterprise workloads. We have designed DPC to offer multiple, cost-effective entry points, making immediate trial fast and affordable for organizations of every size and focus.

Whether you are a growing business or a global enterprise, DPC delivers private cloud resilience with assured enterprise-grade service levels.

Fast-track to a Scalable Private Cloud

DPC from Atos gives you a clear competitive advantage in the digital revolution. We’ll help you manage legacy and new cloud environments in parallel, ensuring secure data transfer to your new cloud infrastructure.

DPC is a key component of our extended hybrid cloud strategy. This gives you the resilience and security of private cloud while working in controlled combination with other cloud deployment models. Move workloads between public and private clouds, as appropriate, rather than maintaining dedicated clouds for specific applications and functions.

Scalable private cloud infrastructure

Giving you the digital edge with a scalable private cloud infrastructure that grows with your business.

Innovate without compromise

By placing applications on an infrastructure optimized for them, you cost-effectively manage applications in the cloud across their entire lifecycle, from development to production.

Harness hybrid cloud

Digital Private Cloud is the private cloud component of Atos’ hybrid cloud. It provides an optimized cloud infrastructure for every business requirement.

Digital Private Cloud – an inside view

As Executive Vice President, Global Operations and TOP Program for Atos, Eric Grall was instrumental in developing our DPC capability – and made sure that we adopted it ourselves before commercialization.

Eric shares his personal experience of this major shift in infrastructure provisioning.

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See how DPC delivers the right infrastructure, the right applications, effortless agility and robust security.

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