Your datacenter in a container


Mobull is an ingenious containerized data center solution that provides companies with as much computing power as they need to innovate, be more competitive and reduce costs. With its combined advantages of high density, low energy consumption and ease of installation, mobull makes it possible for companies to fast-track the implementation of the best solutions available for computer simulation, for data processing and for storage.


Extreme power and density

The technologies mobull uses make it possible to achieve very high power density, with up to 7 Pflops in an area of just above 30m². A single container can accommodate up to seventeen 19-inch racks:

  • Spatial arrangement provides access to six maintenance corridors accessible via doors to the exterior
  • Up to 40kW power per rack

Lower investment costs

Mobull containers have minimal infrastructure requirements. Whether you are equipping a new data center, or extending the power of an existing facility, using mobull containers overcomes the need for major investments in buildings or to conform to a host of regulatory constraints.

Choice between two cooling technologies

For a perfect fit with local requirements and conditions, mobull is available with two cooling technologies. Each mobull is delivered with its complete cooling infrastructure, as needed:

  • Free-cooling – an economical method of using low external air temperatures to assist in chilling water, which can then be used to cool the mobull data center. An adiabatic cooling unit is installed alongside the mobull.
  • Water cooling, based on Bull-designed cooling rack doors. This system is totally independent of the server or storage technologies used.

Professional services

To design and implement the best mobull for your needs:

  • Analysis of customer site constraints and definition of physical implementation
  • Integration and set-up of data center
  • Deployment on customer site
  • Maintenance and support

Some examples of implementations

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