Digital Virtual Private Cloud

Security, self-service and control

In under five years, cloud has transformed enterprise IT attitudes and practices. The rise of public cloud services is striking, and mistrust has been largely overcome.

Although public cloud models are evolving fast, they do not answer all the questions. When an enterprise needs to ensure the physical location of data for compliance purposes, public clouds are not the answer. Or when stringent levels of security or performance are required, public cloud approaches can still pose unacceptable risk.

As an alternative, enterprises can always build and maintain private clouds, but in doing so, compromise agility and cost-efficiency.

The Atos Digital Virtual Private Cloud establishes a middle way. Hosted in Atos worldwide network of cloud data centers, our clients specify how and where data assets are managed.

The Digital Virtual Private Cloud also enables an enterprise to specify service and performance levels, ensuring resources stay tuned to business demand.

We provide simple and responsive self-service provisioning tools, giving an exceptional degree of control over scaling and a clear view of usage, cost and performance.

Our “evergreen” commitment means that technical upgrades are automatic and incur no additional costs.

Hybrid cloud models now become the norm. Digital Virtual Private Cloud perfectly fills the gap between private and public.

“Atos Digital Virtual Private Cloud ensures constant service availability of 99.8-99.9%.”

Eric Grall introduces Atos Canopy Orchestrated Hybrid Cloud

Atos’ growth strategy revolves around our Digital Transformation Factory, a portfolio of four end-to-end offerings, which apply all of our expertise and experience for our customers: Atos Canopy Hybrid Cloud, SAP HANA by Atos, Atos Digital Workplace and Atos Codex, supported by our Digital Payments and e-Transactions and Cybersecurity technologies across all our offerings. In this video Eric Grall shares some key take-aways and introduces Atos Canopy Orchestrated Hybrid Cloud, one of the four pillars of our Digital Transformation Factory.

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