Atos Autoscaling Platform for Pega

The Atos Autoscaling Platform for Pega dramatically speeds up and simplifies management of your Pega process landscape

To meet the challenges of digital business today you need to streamline your critical business operations, connect with your customers seamlessly in real-time across all channels, and adapt to compete in a rapidly changing market.

Whether you choose Pega to run core processes or to enhance heritage systems, Atos makes the ideal delivery partner.

We offer end-to-end support for Pega. We cover everything from consultancy and integration through application development and multi-cloud delivery.

The Atos Autoscaling Platform for Pega ensures that performance and response for your clients are always optimized, no matter how great the load, how dramatic the change in demand or what the cloud platform.

With a special focus on mobility, Atos will ensure that Pega radically speeds and simplifies the presentation and execution of your existing processes.

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Optimize Pega end-to-end

Run your Pega implementation over the Atos Canopy cloud and be confident in round-the-clock performance for the strategic business applications you rely on for sales, marketing, customer service and operations.

Atos supports multiple cloud models, allowing you to combine private, public and hybrid usage according to your Pega business requirements.

Smooth Adoption

Atos ensures easy adoption both for new Pega customers and for those transitioning from existing implementations. We have a clear focus on effective integration with legacy systems.


Deploy your Pega landscape to the Atos Canopy cloud infrastructure and manage public clouds including AWS or Azure with the push of a button.


Atos is a trusted partner for all aspects of your Pega program: from consulting to application development and management or cloud services.

Flexible Service Model

A very agile service model enables you to choose which part you want Atos do for you.

Why choose the Atos Autoscaling Platform for Pega?

See how Atos delivers the speed, agility and performance you need from Pega to keep your customers satisfied – whatever the load.

Instant response is a prerequisite of customer satisfaction in the digital age.

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Autoscaling Platform for Pega

With the Autoscaling Platform for Pega, Atos brings you the most complete and flexible cloud environment for Pega available today.

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