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IT Modernization for business innovation

Legacy applications: the innovation challenge
Legacy applications are a valuable asset to your business, but the current economic climate shows up their limitations. When it comes to modernizing applications,the challenge is to preserve this heritage, cut the total cost of ownership and give them greater openness and flexibility.

Atos opens the way to modernization
Application modernization effectively reconciles these two demands: by protecting the rich functionality and mainframe-class reliability of legacy applications, and using standard and open source technologies to slash TCO and turn these systems into a platform for innovation.

Atos designed the Liber software suite to open the way to rapid and controlled modernization. Liber facilitates the replatforming of legacy applications for open standards, replacing proprietary infrastructure technologies and transposing code into a more current language as required.

Operational excellence
Atos supports you through the digital transformation of your organization, your processes and your infrastructures to boost your agility, service quality and control over your running costs.

Liber gives CIOs the room to manoeuvre that they need

Reducing Operational Costs and Providing innovative solutions

  • Migrate legacy to open platforms
  • Reduce licensing costs
  • Simplify IT
  • Consolidate applications
  • Improve maintainability

Remaining agile and competitive

  • Web enablement
  • Mobile access
  • To run in the cloud
  • Virtualization
  • Improve performance

The liber family at a glance

Liber Database: migration tool for porting relational and non-relational databases towards a relational environment

Liber batch: written in java, very flexible, allows a full mainframe-type batch
environment to be set up in Linux

Liber tp: full java transactional Monitor on JEE application server

Liber apps: enables the transformation of legacy code while preserving the business logic

Make the most of digital opportunities

Digital opens up unprecedented possibilities when it comes to creating value: new offerings that capitalize on data intelligence; collaborative innovation with your customer and/or partner ecosystem; access to new markets and innovative services or subscription-based business models or ‘matchmaking’ platforms…

The only things limiting these opportunities – and the organization’s ability to seize them – are the agility, security and performance of their information systems.


Liber: software to support successful modernization
As an expert in large systems and open technologies, Atos offers a suite of software for an industrialized approach to modernizing application portfolios, especially replacing mainframe infrastructures, proprietary transactional monitors and batch.

Liber: also available as an appliance
For optimum performance and simplicity, Atos also offers Liber in the form of a mainframe-class appliance based on the bullion high-density x86 server. This industrial-scale package includes server, storage, OS, PostgreSQL database, Liber TP and Liber batch. Delivered pre-configured and tested, the Liber appliance offers a full range of power options and a scale-in architecture making it the ideal gateway between legacy systems and the Cloud.

The largest migration of a mainframe system in the world

The National Family Allowance Fund (CNAF) called on Atos to carry out the largest migration of a mainframe system in the world

The project for the Family branch of the Social Security Department constitutes the largest migration in the world from a legacy information system to an information system which is open, agile, more modern, and cheaper.

“The Atos Group is proud to have successfully supported CNAF in implementing this ambitious project, the largest migration carried out to date in the world, with a volume of 55,000 MIPS (million operations per second). This project is part of our strategy to support our clients with digital transformation. With the investment made in bullion servers and ad hoc software architecture, CNAF and its operators will benefit from the advantages of a powerful, scalable, and secure information system, while reducing their operating costs and energy costs,” said Pierre Barnabé, Managing Director for Big Data and Security for the Atos Group.

As well as the global increase in purely technical capacity and the general application of 100% digital services for beneficiaries, the modernization of these applications allows IT operating costs for the Family branch to be cut by €20 million per year. These gains will mean a return on investment by the end of 2017.

And finally, this solution is less costly in terms of operational maintenance. The energy consumption of the infrastructure has been cut by two thirds and the system is now able to deliver more than 120 million transactions and generate 3 billion SQL requests per day.

The project was completed in 24 months, according to the schedule (with deployment on the 102 Family Allowance Funds), in a transparent way for internal and external users, without freezing application developments.

“This is a great achievement. It took us two years to complete such a large-scale project. Now we are proud to announce its total success, which will allow us to make savings of 20 million euros per year and cut our IT carbon footprint by a factor of three,” said Daniel Lenoir, Managing Director of the National Family Allowance Fund.

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