Protected business critical applications

Creating high-trust environments with an integrated approach to people, process and technology

Application resource islands (ARI) protect business-critical data, applications and supporting systems from both malicious attacks and accidental data leakage. ARI is the digital shield for protecting sensitive data.

As a fully managed and trusted environment, Atos proactively manages every ARI implementation 24×7, paying particular attention to secure and trouble-free transition from existing security models.

Key features include: strict access control; 24×7 security operations; protected and ring-fenced infrastructure, and a dedicated management team. The ARI service structure acts as an enhancement to the infrastructure and security services provided for standard environments.

Each ARI implementation is directly managed by a highly-skilled team of accredited security personnel comprising analysts, forensic and compliance specialists. With an integrated approach to people, process and technology, ARI strictly maintains the integrity of highly-sensitive data assets.

95% of all data breaches involve harvesting stolen credentials, and administrators are frequent targets.

Security crafted for sensitive assets

The fully managed ARI environment delivers exceptional security for your most valuable data and application assets.

As a leader in data center services and security, Atos covers the full lifecycle — from assessment to around-the-clock management.

Maximum protection

Creating appropriate levels of protection for business-critical data, applications and systems.

Strong access control

Access only by authorized administration staff according to strict role-based rights. Closely monitored access for authorized, privileged users only.

Rapid detection and response

Rapid detection and response to malicious threats through application-aware firewalls, behavioral monitoring and monitored administration integrated with security processes.

Measurable compliance

ARI records, monitors and reports full access history: who has access and when, to which systems and from what locations.

What our clients say about us

Improving security for Siemens

“With the successful implementation of ARI for the first set of ERP/HR systems we have achieved a major cornerstone in the protection of our most valuable information assets.”

Frederik Janssen, Siemens Global Services IT Infrastructure

Read the Siemens case study

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