Document encryption and decryption solution

Address confidentiality issues with a document encryption and decryption solution

As a growing number of internal and external exchanges are computerized and mobility becomes increasingly important, securing electronic transactions and information systems is a key issue for organizations.

Organizations must have applications to support the encryption and decryption of electronic documents. In order to address these confidentiality issues, Atos offers the Metacrypt electronic document encryption and decryption solution.

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Metacrypt conforms with the Common Criteria and has an EAL3 evaluation assurance level from ANSSI.


Metacrypt protects your sensitive data with high-level encryption and works with different environments such as desktops, mobile devices and tablets.

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Atos’s expertise in information systems security brings together know-how in consulting and systems integration, and an in-depth understanding of corporate security technologies.

Metacrypt provides the following services to applications:

  • Document (or data stream) encryption using a secure encryption device (cryptographic module) for one or more recipients, according to a given encryption policy.
  • The decryption of a document (or a data stream) encrypted by a recipient according to a given encryption policy.

Each of these services can be used independently.

The eIDAS regulation allows the European Union to provide a legal framework for transnational digital transactions. Its goal is to enhance trust in electronic exchanges by establishing a framework for electronic identification and trust services, including electronic signatures. Thus, the eIDAS regulation enhances the transparency and reliability of transactions.

Discover how Atos solutions can help you become compliant with eIDAS.

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