Device management for manufacturers

Easily build a trusted ecosystem for the entire lifecycle of your devices

How can manufacturers manage device lifecycles and security?

When buying new products, consumers increasingly consider the security aspect, questioning whether or not their smart devices are fully secure. Security is becoming a differentiator when purchasing an item. To help their brands stand out, IoT product manufacturers are now giving more importance to device security through its whole lifecycle. The objective is to protect networked products from vulnerabilities while maintaining productivity.

Three important security concerns should be considered when manufacturing connected devices:

  • How to securely and quickly onboard the new devices created every day
  • How to control the lifecycle of the objects, from creation to disposal
  • How to secure each device during its entire lifecycle
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Manage millions of devices through an enrollment portal and multiple protocols to streamline secure deployment.

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How Atos can help deliver assurance and efficiency to IoT

Enrollment portal

Through the Atos Security Server, you can easily enroll your connected devices to obtain keys and manage the entire key lifecycle (creation, consultation, suspension and deletion). Our solution is designed to be highly scalable, consisting of multiple active instances within a possible redundant architecture to meet future growth.

Certificate management

Securely provision and manage devices and digital identities with IDnomic PKI for IoT using a hardware security module (HSM) for certificate management. Electronic certificates support strong device authentication and data confidentiality — in transit or in storage. PKI capabilities are provided on-demand for IoT services, such as device registry, enrollment and authorization for communication.

Enhanced security

Protect devices and sensors without compromising performance with Embedded Security for IoT. To enhance IoT security, the messages exchanged must be encrypted. Trust anchors can be implemented into existing electronic control units (ECUs) to provide cryptographic functionality over standard interfaces.

What our clients say about us

Global security solution for the Objenious IoT LoRa ecosystem

“Atos is a trusted partner and not just a security software company,” said Philippe Cola, Core Network Senior Architect, Bouygues Telecom, Objenious. Discover how Atos enabled Bouygues Telecom to become a global IoT vendor that offers clients peace of mind through end-to-end security.

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