Data integrity and operation facilitation

Enabling telecom operators to build a trusted IoT network ecosystem

How can you deploy secure, scalable IoT networks?

With the massive growth in IoT deployments, communication service providers are rolling out many dedicated networks. While adopting new industry standards such as low-power, wide-area network (LPWAN) protocols, they must also ensure that these systems are secure and that data privacy is maintained.

To address these challenges, network operators should consider the following nagging security questions:

  • How can you secure the network and communication infrastructure?
  • How can you maintain both security and performance while scaling up your operations?
  • How can you control the manufacturers and devices accessing the network?
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Secure data in transit from millions of devices

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How we can help you deliver assurance and efficiency to IoT

Infrastructure security

IoT networks are based on infrastructure like gateways and antennas which must be secure. With the Atos Security Server, you can automatically and securely enroll them to obtain keys and manage the entire key lifecycle (creation, consultation, suspension and deletion). Our solution is designed to be highly scalable, consisting of multiple active instances within a possible redundant architecture to meet future growth.

Security Server

Certificate management

Securely provision and manage devices and digital identities with IDnomic PKI for IoT, which uses a hardware security module (HSM) for certificate management. Electronic certificates support strong device authentication and data confidentiality — in transit or in storage. PKI capabilities are provided on-demand for IoT services, such as device registry, enrollment and authorization for communication.

IDnomic PKI for IoT

Data confidentiality and integrity management

To meet regulatory requirements, frames on the network can only be trusted by verifying the integrity of the payload. Master keys can be managed in hardware security modules (HSM) such as Trustway Crypt2pay. It can be deployed on production lines to injection the derived keys into devices, and on the operator information system to secure the frames exchanged in the IoT ecosystem.

Trustway crypt2pay HSM

What our clients say about us

A global security solution for the Objenious IoT LoRa ecosystem

“Atos is a trusted partner and not just a security software company,” said Philippe Cola, Core Network Senior Architect, Bouygues Telecom, Objenious. Discover how Atos enabled Bouygues Telecom to become a global IoT vendor that offers clients peace of mind through end-to-end security.

Case study

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