Data confidentiality and integrity for IoT Business Owners

Build a trusted ecosystem for your IoT business owners

How to protect the confidentiality of your trusted data for IoT Business Owners?

Security should not be a constraint to deploy new services: it has to be seamless. IoT business owners need to have a full trust in their data, from end to end, and comply with the current regulations, such as GDPR in the European Union. Moreover, end users want to be sure that the data is safe and that no compromising has raised.

To ensure that valuable data is secure, IoT business owners should consider the following security problematics:

How to secure to deploy securely and seamlessly new services
How to process trusted data only
How to trust manufacturers and devices connecting to their IoT services

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Ensure data integrity through encryption and digital signature with a scalable solution

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Data encryption

To meet regulatory requirements, frames on the networks need to be trusted by verifying the integrity of the payload. Master keys can be managed in Hardware Security Modules (HSM), such as the Trustway crypt2pay. Compliant, flexible and secure, it reinforces the authenticity of the electronic signature by securing keys and calculating the electronic signature in a controlled environment.

Timestamp data

Timestamping and anti-replay mechanisms can help to provide data confidentiality and integrity. Metatime is aiming for the enhancement of electronic exchanges’ trust. Compliant with the eIDAS regulation, this solution provides a trusted date and time when the data is received with an element of proof

Digital signature

Electronic signatures guarantee the integrity of documents and identify the signers. Once a signer or a device has produced a signature and the signature has been verified, the signature is secure and may no longer be repudiated. Metasign creates and verifies electronic signatures for proof and auditability.

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Global security solution for the IoT LoRa ecosystem of Objenious

“Atos is a trusted partner and not just a security software company.” Philippe Cola, Core Network Senior Architect, Bouygues Telecom, Objenious. Discover how Atos enabled Bouygues Telecom to become a global IoT vendor that offers clients peace of mind through end-to-end security.

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