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Ensure safety of critical sites, facilities and transports

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CENTINELA Checkpoint


In a single housing, our solution supplies the major elements of a checkpoint system, from cameras to communications, processing and remote control. The component set is designed to work together efficiently.

Fast and efficient

CENTINELA Checkpoint is designed to optimize reaction speed. Advanced image recognition, coupled with elaborate analysis workflows, enable real-time decision support. The legitimate flow of goods and persons is unrestricted.

Reliable decisions

Collected information reinforce each other, from image and communications sensors to passenger and vehicle data. Integrated sensors are best-of-breed and incorporate efficient algorithms. Decision making is facilitated.


CENTINELA Checkpoint is designed to reinforce your existing procedures. It exists in both fixed versions and mobile versions that can be rapidly deployed as needed. Atos works with specialists that adapt the solution to your national threats management infrastructure.

Detect threats based on advanced pattern recognition technologies

CENTINELA Checkpoint, is Atos fully integrated solution to automatically detect threats based on advanced pattern recognition technologies. Once an abnormal behavior is detected, the CENTINELA Checkpoint solution automatically triggers configured actions such as raising an alert or blocking the entrance to the protected area.

Atos delivers the complete CENTINELA Checkpoint solution and adapts it to your specific requirements. Atos connects CENTINELA Checkpoint to national and international bases of wanted persons and stolen vehicles, and configures it to support your procedures.

CENTINELA Checkpoint is an all-in-one solution for automated vehicle and person checking:

Image acquisition from multiple angles provides enhanced detection rates and overall context.
Very fast and highly accurate face recognition detects suspect pedestrians and passengers.
Vehicle and license plate recognition, checked against vehicle databases and historical data, quickly identifies suspect vehicles.
Video recording, pedestrian counting and radio monitoring ensure situational awareness.
Real-time decision support powered by high-performance computing platform and data analytics.
Mobile or desktop supervision stations provide clear overview of alerts and information, enabling data driven decision making.

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