Artificial Intelligence

Atos Codex AI Suite

Codex AI Suite: the fast track to Artificial Intelligence

Codex AI Suite Studio improves data scientist productivity

The Studio provides a collaborative workplace for all the data scientists to share qualified components and blue prints, while all mundane tasks are automatically achieved by Codex AI Suite. Data Scientists can focus on their core activities.

Codex AI Suite Forge enables data scientists to leverage their application experience

The Forge is the place where to store, share, retrieve and update qualified components, trained models, applications and labelled data sets. A new model can be derived from an existing model. The Forge enables all project stakeholders to collaborate. It improves quality and a fast development of new applications in line with the business expectations.

Codex AI Suite Orchestrator maximizes all resources and improves application accuracy

The Orchestrator delivers optimal performance at the lowest costs. It selects the most appropriate resources to guarantee the expected performance and enables accurate deep learning models. It is infrastructure agnostic. An application can run on any cloud or on-premises.

Codex AI Suite deep learning engine enables data scientists to entirely focus on their core activities

The Deep Learning engine trains the models. All mundane activities are automatically achieved by the Deep Learning engine. Data scientists can entirely focus on their core activities. The main functions are:

  • Model Management with the provision of a catalogue of trained models, reusable and adaptable by users,
  • Dataset Management with the labelling of images, texts or videos, to generate synthetic data, and to maintain a Dataset catalogue,
  • Inference Management, allowing deploying and running a given model,
  • Deep Learning framework management

Atos Codex is a portfolio of services and products designed to accelerate and industrialize the enterprise adoption of the data analytics and related activities central to all serious digital transformation strategies.

Atos Codex spans data analytics, AI, deep learning and machine learning, cognitive computing and the Internet-of-Things. Codex AI Suite is the cognitive tool set of Codex.

Atos Codex places a strong emphasis on use-cases as a means to develop best practice and accelerate adoption. In order to deliver the most advanced applications on multiple environments, Atos leverages Codex AI Suite and Google Cloud Platform. Customers take benefits of Atos Codex AI suite through the Atos AI labs, based in Paris, Dallas and London with Google and in Grenoble for HPC & AI convergence. Atos AI labs support customers from the design to the deployment & support of your applications.

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