Cloud Transformation for Applications

Benefit from a robust industrialized approach to transforming your applications and IT infrastructure to effective cloud models.

Cloud Transformation for Applications provides a robust and industrialized means to move your applications and infrastructure to effective cloud service and deployment models.

Only by adopting cloud for to the development and delivery of digital services can you achieve essential business agility at affordable cost.

Atos provides a carefully structured approach. Transformation consultants use formal evaluation tools to help you prioritize and plan cloud migration for both applications and infrastructure.

Managed transformation ensures essential business continuity, especially through the period of transition until transformation is complete.

You will also gain immediate benefit from using Atos cloud services for the development of new cloud-native applications.

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Industrialize Cloud Transformation

Our Cloud Transformation for Applications approach uses a rigorous analytical framework, robust methods and highly-automated tooling.
This brings two essential benefits. First, it minimizes risk and establishes the business logic for your cloud transformation. Second it accelerates the journey, shrinking the time-to-benefit of making the cloud your default environment.

Application Consulting

Atos application consultants will audit your current application landscape and build an incontrovertible business case for cloud transformation. Our hypothesis-based approach delivers in just 6-12 weeks, quickly showing the value to your business.

Cloud Factory

The Cloud Factory transforms your applications. It benefits from Atos’ deep experience in cloud architectures; cloud-native application development; software engineering methodology; and cloud deployment.

Industry 4.0 exploration

Decision Factory

With the Decision Factory, we take both business criteria and technological characteristics into account. Atos recommends the transformation option and the most appropriate cloud service and deployment model to ensure you gain maximum benefit.

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