Canopy Open Hybrid Cloud built for Google Cloud

DevOps and Application modernization through a hybrid cloud platform

As part of Atos’s strategic partnership with Google, the Open Hybrid Cloud offers a fully managed private cloud solution combining infrastructure, Kubernetes containers, GKE, data and machine learning services that allows the agility of DevOps without impacting enterprise controls and processes.

Developer centric and integrated with CI/CD toolchains, The Open Hybrid Cloud facilitates a gateway to accelerate modernization of your application estate from traditional to Cloud native, providing a private and secure stepping stone for you to carry out application re-factoring, re-platforming and modernization. Making you ready to adopt a cloud native future and achieve the value that public cloud represents.

OHC is cost optimized and based on Open Source technologies that provide the same API’s as Google services, on premise and with no vendor lock in delviering the tools your developers want, whilst maintaining the data sovereignty, security, and controls

By 2024, 90% of Global 1000 organizations will have a multicloud management strategy that includes integrated tools across public and private clouds.

IDC 2019

Open Hybrid Cloud Differentiators

Open Hybrid Cloud provides the services you expect from a public cloud in a secure on premise platform.

OpenScape Contact Center

Atos Policy Engine

Ensures corporate compliance is adhered to for all workloads, meaning applications and infrastructure can be deployed as code following pre-defined business rules

Open Source with Enterprise Controls

Enables enterprises to benefit from open source innovations with enterprise level support managed by Atos, providing consistent user experience with public cloud, no vendor lock-in, and cost advantage over Off-the-shelf- software

Comprehensive Google Cloud Services on an On-Premise Platform

Providing Virtual Servers, Kubernetes containers and managed data services, OHC delivers a highly scalable and dynamic platform for all traditional and cloud native workloads


Full Catalogue of Data APIs

Presents a Full ecosystem of data APIs that can be consumed freely and with full compatibility of those available in public clouds

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