BullSequana Edge solutions:

Edge Computer Vision, Edge Data Analytics, Edge Data Container

Edge Computer Vision

Analysts expect by 2020, 99% of enterprise-captured video/image will be analyzed by machines

The Atos Edge Computer Vision is a complete environment running on BullSequana Edge and dedicated to deliver computer vision capabilities. It provides advanced feature extraction (person, faces, emotion, behavior), feature sharing and classification, automatic actions based on feature analytics, real-time and post-event actions or post event analytics. A powerful search function accelerates the search of a specific person from multiple criteria. It enables a large set of intelligent cameras to collaborate holistically in real-time, enabling operations to be tracked without interruption.

The Edge Computer Vision relies on the exceptional hardware acceleration for machine learning applications supported by Bullsequana Edge.

Thanks to its highly customizable architecture, Edge Computer Vision can be easily utilized in many various use cases such as homeland security, the tracking of vehicles, the crowd movements, the detection of abandoned objects, or to analyze a population density or expression and improve the quality of service in shopping or advertising.

Main features

Advanced feature extraction (person, faces, emotion, behavior), or privacy by design.

Automatic actions based on feature analytics.

Real-time and post-event actions or post event analytics.

A powerful search function accelerates the search of a specific person from multiple criteria.

Edge Data Analytics

Atos Edge Data Analytics enables organizations to improve their IoT business models with predictive and prescriptive solutions. It is a complete environment dedicated to real-time streaming analytics and running on BullSequana Edge. It uses edge datalake capabilities to make data trustworthy and useable and to ensure data quality, security and privacy.

Main features

Enables organizations to improve their business models with predictive and prescriptive solutions.

Make data trustworthy and useable – with strong data governance within a robust data architecture to ensure data quality, security and privacy.

Manage the complete data life-cycle – from data ingestion, data cleansing, data blending, data discovery, audit, data lineage and policy enforcement.

Enable compatibility and minimizing risk – by providing on-site data storage to give full control of the data and its lifecycle, as well as full control over the infrastructure, the applications and the operations.

Is designed to enable open source based hyperconverged infrastructure solutions which enable flexible resource sharing between nodes, with centralized management and security hardening.

Edge Data Container

Atos Edge Data Container is an all-in-one solution, serving as a decentralized IT system, running at the edge. It is a secure, highly standardized, industrial solution. It can run autonomously in non-data center environments with no need for a white room or local IT teams to operate.

It can be customized for various purposes and can embed Atos Edge Computer Vision, Atos Edge Data Analysis applications as well as other implemented production applications.

Atos, in partnership with Rittal provides the appropriate IT infrastructure to the Edge Data Container solution.

Install BullSequana Edge anywhere whatever constraints.

Housing for additional equipment as IT, Storage, networking…

Provides protection against physical threats, IP rating, access control, climate control, fire protection, condition monitoring,…

Large range of solutions: wallmounts, racks, safes, room or container

Install on site without hassle

Main features

  • Ready-to-Go Edge DC (OT, IT & Solution)

  • Variable housing as wallmounts or 24 and 42 U Rack packages , Safe, Room, Container solution

  • Scalable in size and load

  • Single or redundant

  • Easy adoption to local site conditions


Specific solutions for verticals

Retail, F&S, Office

Simple indoor, wallmount solution

Manufacturing, Transport, Retail

Industry protected, wallmount solution

Industry, Oil & Gas

Industry protected wallmount, stainless steel solution

Telco, 5G

Outdoor solution

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