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The Atos Engaged Employee Experience Podcast

Welcome to the Atos Engaged Employee Experience podcast, hosted by Ineke Vermeulen, Global Head of Digital Workplace and Employee Experience Marketing. We bring together key experts, analysts, and thought leaders that are exploring the new frontiers of work. We hope that this podcast will stimulate and challenge your thinking about the powerful role that Atos Engaged Employee Experience can play in becoming a key driver for your success. We’d love you to share the content and your thoughts with us across social media.

Episode 8 | Technology as a driver for mental health and wellbeing

Welcome to episode 8 of the Engaged Employee Experience podcast with Date Reitsema, Global Product Manager for Employee Experience at Atos and Ludovic Pureur, Manager Strategic Alliances at Virgin Pulse for a talk about mental health and wellbeing and specifically, on the role of technology as a driver for employee wellbeing and mental health. The topic of this episode – mental health and wellbeing – is easily one of the key drivers for enabling delightful experiences and creating organizations that have a resilient, positive, and future-proof culture. As we say at Atos: performance is driven by employee experience; not the other way around!

Date Reitsema
Global Product Manager for Employee Experience, Atos

Ludovic Pureur

Ludovic Pureur
Manager Strategic Alliances, Virgin Pulse

Episode 7 | CTO take on creating delightful experiences

Welcome to episode 7 of the Engaged Employee Experience podcast with Mike Harm, CTO Digital Workplace and Employee Experience at Atos for a talk about hyper personalization of the employee experience as a lever toward creating delightful experiences. At the core of many of the trends and forecasts for 2022 is an increased awareness about the impact of Employee Experience on organizational performance. However, the road towards delightful experiences seems to be paved with quite a few technological challenges we have yet to master.

Mike Harm

Mike Harm
CTO Digital Workplace and Employee Experience, Atos

Episode 6 – War for Talent

Welcome to episode 6 of the Engaged Employee Experience podcast with James McMahon, SVP and Head of the DWP Practice at Atos for a talk about the war for talent and how organizations can stay ahead. There has been a lot of talk recently about the War for Talent and The Great Resignation, the Great Quit. Across the globe, and most notably in regions where the majority of the working population are so-called knowledge workers, people are leaving their salaried employment in droves. So much so, that this is now recognized by many organizations as an actual challenge. Let’s talk about what organizations can do to attract and retain talent under the current circumstances.

Melanie de Vigan

James McMahon
SVP and Head of the DWP Practice, Atos

Episode 5 – Beyond the Productivity Paradox

Welcome to episode 5 of the Engaged Employee Experience podcast, with Melanie de Vigan, VP and Director of Portfolio for DWP and EX at Atos. In this episode we will talk about the productivity paradox and what it means for the future of work and hybrid working. Melanie and Ineke also discuss how organizations can find long-term strategic answers for hybrid working, balancing humans and technology.

Melanie de Vigan

Melanie de Vigan
Director, Business Management and member of the Scientific Community, Atos

Episode 4 – Secure Flexible Working

Today, employees are no longer limited to the perimeter of their organization, working from anywhere and with any device. In this redefined workplace, how has security evolved?
Kai Kielhorn, Head of Digital Workplace for Atos Germany, and Vasco Gomes, Global CTO for Atos cybersecurity products, discuss how to unlock your cybersecurity superpowers and share the secrets for a frictionless security future.

Kai Kielhorn
Head of Digital Workplace, Germany, Atos

Vasco Gomes
Global CTO for cybersecurity products, Distinguished Expert, Atos

Episode 3 – Let’s Talk About Inclusion with Debra Ruh

Over the last 18 months we had this huge acceleration of flexible working driven by the pandemic, that has presented us with both opportunities and challenges as a community of people with disabilities, and for our clients who have similar requirements to include their employees with disabilities.

If you are a CEO or a CIO listening to this, and you want to understand how people are going to use technology, engage with your disabled users, engage with your staff, your customers. All efforts made will benefit all your employees.

Debra Ruh
CEO-Founder of Ruh Global

Neil Milliken
VP – Global Head of Accessibility & Digital Inclusion, Atos

Episode 2 – Experience Design

Mike Harm, CTO, Digital Workplace and Claire Unwin, User Experience Design Leader, Digital Transformation, talk about the considerations necessary for effective experience design, including the forces that have accelerated this space in the past year, and what leader and employee considerations need to be made to avoid burnout, and overload in new, asynchronous ways of working.

Mike Harm
Chief Technology Officer – Workplace and member of the Scientific Community, Atos

Claire Unwin
User Experience Design Leader, Digital Transformation, Atos

Episode 1 – The Green Employee Experience in the Workplace

From idea to reality Sustainability and carbon emissions are not new subjects, yet they are now more crucial than ever before to Atos and to our clients. In this podcast, Ralf van Houtem, Product Manager Digital Workplace Decarbonization, speaks about how this relates to Employee Experience and what a decarbonized workplace means.

Ralf Van Houtem
Global Manager Digital Workplace, Atos

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