Internet of Things security

Meet the security challenges of the IoT

Quick and scalable PKI deployment for telecom security

How to secure IoT networks and communication infrastructure?

Telecom companies are changing the way we connect to the world by adopting and offering new innovative services. As network operators, they can provide IoT infrastructures to easily manage connected devices. Carrying and communicating sensitive data, they can however be targeted by cyberattacks and need to ensure system security and data privacy.

Throught the Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) technology, it is possible to provision and manage devices and provide trusted digital identities securely relying on certificate management. Electronic certificates are used to support strong authentication for devices and data confidentiality for data in transit or in storage. PKI capabilities can be provided on demand for IoT services, such as devices registry, enrollment and authorization for communication.


Get your own Certificate Authority to generate electronic certificates.

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Atos secures end-to-end IoT communication for Bouygues Telecom

“By partnering with Atos, Bouygues Telecom has been able to design and implement France’s first highly-secure LoRa network. This means our IoT solutions deliver both top-performance and exceptional security.” – Philippe Cola, Core Network Senior Architect, Bouygues Telecom

PKI Technical Certificate Authority as a main component of your IoT security

Reinforced privacy

Ensure the confidentiality of your customer data in compliance with the regulations through a solution based on a Common Criteria EAL4+ certified Hardware Security Module (HSM).

PKI appliance

Through its SaaS model, easily integrate digital certificates and support different configurations (SCEP, CMP) in a few weeks with Horus PKI appliance.

Keep control

As network operators, manage enrolment of delegated certificate authorities (CAs) and have exclusive subordinate CAs to enforce accesses policies and issue certificates as needed.

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