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Sustainable Manufacturing Cloud

Get the sustainable infrastructure you need for digital success


Create a more customer-centric manufacturing business


Address latency and budget considerations across your environment


Keep full control of sensitive data with operational integrity


Achieve sustainability ambitions while meeting market demands

Building seamless hybrid cloud solutions optimized for modern manufacturing

Cloud solutions can prepare you for the next big thing, streamline value chains and achieve more customer-centric outcomes. Yet many enterprises struggle to get the best value, performance and security from their infrastructure.

Protecting your data while ensuring on-time information delivery is essential to protecting productivity of both physical and intellectual assets.

Atos helps design, deploy and manage a seamless hybrid cloud continuum –private to public– that combines the agility and scalability of the cloud with complete control of critical applications and data.

Atos OneCloud for Manufacturing

A unique industrial cloud-forward program designed to help you unleash the business potential of cloud, proactively accelerating and facilitating migration from a one-stop-shop.

Atos OneCloud for Manufacturing integrates Decarbonization Level Agreements (DLAs) with world-class cybersecurity approaches.

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IT and Application Modernization

Professional services for both data center migrations and cloud application transformation. Full range of services including Development, Security and Operations (DevSecOps) as-a-service, cloud-native builds and application transformation.

Enables agile working for strategic roadmap development and organizational change, with financial transparency and cost reductions.

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Industrial Edge Services

Optimize the factory floor with specialized edge servers and artificial intelligence applications, supported by Atos consulting and managed services. Consume, stream and stage data for industrial opportunities through Industry 4.0 and Industry-IoT innovations.

Handle critical processes for safety and quality with seamless integration into the enterprise.

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Client Stories


Innocent Drinks selected Atos as their digital partner for its carbon-neutral factory. Innocent will improve operational efficiency and increase security through a cloud-based solution, which enables Wi-Fi network management on-site, at its "The Blender" factory in Rotterdam and remotely from innocent’s London headquarters, Fruit Towers.

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Client Stories

Hoco Beton

Atos provides Hoco Beton with a cloud-based platform supporting Augmented Interactive Reality (AIR) on any applicable devices (e.g. HoloLens, Tablet, Smartphone, VR goggles…). By computing and displaying the right augmented, mixed or virtual reality information at the right time, Hoco Beton saves time, increases quality and minimizes waste.

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Sustainable Manufacturing Cloud: Fast Facts

Reinvent business processes by leveraging sustainable cloud solutions that help achieve your ambitions.

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Atos Sustainable Manufacturing Cloud

Atos helps you design, deploy and manage a seamless hybrid cloud continuum –private to public– for the agility and scalability of cloud with complete control of your critical applications and data.

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Atos OneCloud Plan – Briefing

Develop a digital strategy based on business drivers and define an actionable path forward, whether company-wide or for a specific business unit.

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Atos OneCloud Plan – Video

With the Atos OneCloud Plan, we co-design a manufacturing cloud strategic plan. We put our business and technical knowledge to work mapping out cloud transformation aligned to your vision.

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