Digital innovation for wind energy

Enabling intelligence for operations and maintenance

Optimizing wind energy operations and maximizing safety

Wind energy is a growing part of the power mix. However, the massive capital investments, significant operation and maintenance (O&M) costs, and relatively short life span of individual turbines create new challenges for wind energy suppliers.

The future success of wind energy depends upon:

Extending the lifecycle of existing assets using digital technologies

Predicting the longevity of future assets using data insights

Data quality is critical for the protection and optimization of wind assets. Atos leads the way in delivering actionable wind farm intelligence.

Webinar: Digital solutions for wind
operations & maintenance

Wind farms not only generate sustainable energy, but jobs and green recovery as well. In this short webinar, discover how digital twins enable condition-based maintenance for the proactive identification of asset faults, and operations & maintenance (O&M) cost savings of at least 10%.

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Read the customer story >Ørsted relies upon Atos for
secure and continuous communications
Ørsted, a leader in offshore wind power is ranked the most sustainable company in the world. Karsten Hvalkof Andersen, Director, SCADA Offshore Engineering at Ørsted explains how to maintain business continuity and field worker safety while navigating the security challenges associated with mission-critical communication systems.
Read the blog >Digital twin: taking energy & utilities condition-
based maintenance to the next level
Digital twin simulations allow the detection of abnormalities and deviations in asset behavior. Discover how energy & utility companies can leverage digital twins, high-quality data and machine learning to move from traditional schedule-based maintenance to condition-based maintenance.

Atos solutions for wind energy

Asset optimization

Predict to prevent unplanned failures

We help optimize wind energy production using digital twin models that collect and analyze data for real-time insights into the health of your assets. Model scenarios with different operational data sets, weather conditions and asset behaviors to prevent unplanned downtime and improve asset efficiency.


Decrease downtime by
predicting asset failure

Pinpoint anomalous behavior with
continuous, remote monitoring

Decrease O&M costs via planned
maintenance activities

Workforce safety & management

Optimize workforce safety and efficiency

We enable efficient planning and management of all O&M activities with workforce management tools that accelerate resourcing and speed permit-to-work allocation.




Protect your workforce by scheduling maintenance when conditions are
safe and clear

Coordinate maintenance activities to prevent accidents and emergencies

Manage electronic permit-to-work and schedule the needed resources
at the right time

Critical communications

Provide secure communications

We enable secure and continuous communications for wind farm operations with seamless connections between operational, marine and air traffic crews, allowing you to maintain efficient operations even under extreme conditions.




Support for automated alarming and communications during
emergency scenarios

Link offshore staff to the onshore office environment for uninterrupted workflows

Locate and track team members for fast and efficient coordination

Collaborate and innovate with Atos

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We believe that partnerships accelerate innovation and facilitate co-creation of new, data-driven solutions that make renewable energy more reliable and affordable.

Plan a StratHack workshop with our experts to:
Maximize the efficiency of existing and future renewable energy sites
Expand the use of technologies such as cloud, edge computing, IoT and AI to improve wind farm operations
Leverage experts from multiple disciplines to create customized proof of concepts

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Building and operating wind farms requires constant communication between installation and service teams and the coordination center. Atos offers critical communication and tracking solutions for the build, operation and maintenance of wind farms.

Christian Heinrich

Global Head of Sales, Mission Critical Systems


It is important to be able to continually balance electricity production and consumption, but with green energy this is often notoriously difficult. We discuss the challenges with Météo-France and other experts in the field.

Ibrahim Cobanoglu

Solution Manager, Atos Worldgrid


Maximizing the safety and efficiency of wind assets and the people responsible for their operation is critical. Atos offers integrated solutions that optimize O&M activities and costs, and improve asset availability and security, throughout the full wind turbine lifecycle.

Customer story

See how we used digital twin technology to help Renom decrease operational costs and increase wind asset availability.

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Atos helps energy & utility (E&U) companies implement a more carbon-neutral, digital-first approach to operations. For over 40 years, we’ve served our E&U clients, whose businesses span the globe and the energy value chain.


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E&U clients
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Our portfolio of vertical solutions enables our E&U industry specialists to deliver innovative services, increase customer engagement and new revenue streams, automate essential business processes, and harness real-time intelligence to drive business decisions.

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