Security for the Internet-of-Things

Adopt the IoT with confidence, enjoying opportunities while minimizing risks and threats.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is central to digital transformation in all industry sectors.

We are already seeing how the IoT is a powerful enabler in city infrastructure management, in Smartgrids for utilities, in the healthcare, manufacturing and automotive sectors.

The Internet-of-Everything (IoE), built around the global interconnection of people, process and context, is already starting to happen.

The massive potential promised by these developments is matched by a proportionate rise in threat. As we come to rely more than ever before on this new connectivity, so the security, reliability and resilience of data and infrastructure gain in critical importance.

Atos specializes in the four areas that underpin security in the worlds of the IoT and IoE:
Securing sensors and their operations, Ensuring the confidentiality and integrity of data in transit, Securing stored data and Securing access to information.

With this end-to-end approach, we look beyond the individual organization to include all partners in the extended ecosystem.

Internet of things

French utility company GRDF chose Atos to address the security challenges associated with the remote reading of gas consumption from 11 million smart meters.

Securing your IoT opportunities

McKinsey estimate that the annual value of the Internet-of-Things could be $11.1 trillion by 2025. Security is a prerequisite for successful participation.

Atos is positioned to prepare, implement and manage sustainable long-term security models, crafted to individual industry sector conditions, for bold IoT and IoE adoption.

NG911 Cyber security


The Atos security perspective for your IoT initiatives is unambiguously end-to-end. We cover both Operational Technology (sensors, PLCs, etc.) and Information Technology. Our focus spans all connected devices, communications and applications. We also offer integrated data analytics, for a timely and transparent view of the IoT security landscape.

Critical data protected

Atos IoT security services make full use of our worldwide network of 13 global data centers and 80 regional centers. We ensure continuity, reliability and security for all critical IoT data and resources.

Certified technology

Atos are certified to the most stringent security standards. This allows us to ensure IoT security at every level: data encryption and integrity; device authentication; identity governance; and application and cloud security management.

Atos codex analytics

Advanced analytics

Analytics make an essential contribution to IoT security. Predictive analytics are key to both prevention and to timely and effective intervention. Atos underpin the Atos Codex analytics portfolio, giving you access to the power needed to combat threat in the continually mutating world of IoT cyber security.

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The emerging challenge of the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things is leading the routes for a digital transformation in all sectors and brings enormous opportunities. Nevertheless, the IoT will only keep its promises if the overall infrastructure is safeguarded.

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